How to Get Fishing Rod in Project Slayer?

To get a Fishing Rod in Project Slayers, you must purchase it for 2,500 Wen from the NPC Mark in Ushumaru Village. To get there you can just head north from Kiribating Village's entrance, pass Zapiwara Cave, pass the ramp that gets you to the part of Ushumaru village that's on top of a mountain, then turn left at the crossroads after the ramp.

You can check our Project Slayers map guide to help find out how to get there. You can always spend a map point or 1,200 Wen to unlock the location on your map and travel there by talking to the Horse Guy.

The Fishing Rod is an essential item in Project Slayers, as it will allow you to fish at the river and then sell your fish to Mark, which is one of the best ways farm a lot of Wen fast in Project Slayers.


This is everything you need to know about obtaining the Fishing Rod in Project Slayers.

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