How to get Cookie Sword in King Legacy & Cookie Sword Skills

How to get Cookie Sword in King Legacy along with the sword’s Skills!

How to get Cookie Sword in King Legacy

To get Cookie Sword in King Legacy, you must defeat the boss Biscuit Man (Level 3250) at Loaf Island in the Second Sea. While the quest to defeat Biscuit Man has a level requirement of 3250, there is no requirement to fight the boss and obtain the drop. Cookie Sword is an Epic Sword, so its drop rate should be around 1%.

Cookie Sword

Cookie Sword

Cookie Sword is one of the tier-A swords in King Legacy, as it is quite accessible, effortless to use and good for DPS. Its M1 attack speed is slow, and it deals 4,501 damage with Armament Haki V1. Cookie Sword is a nice sword for PvE DPS, as its skills don't cause any movement-impairing effects but their damage is pretty good, just like its normal attack damage.

Its Z key move, “Flashing Penetrator” is unlocked at 500 Sword Stat Points, and it deals 11,000 damage with Armament Haki if all 8 hits land. The move is also very easy to target by pointing your cursor at the enemy. The move has a medium range and it works well against Observation Haki thanks to its 8 fast hits.

Its X key move, “Vorpal Strike” is unlocked at 1,000 Sword Stat Points, and it deals one hit for 9,475 damage with Armament Haki. Despite its decent damage Vorpal Strike is not a very useful move, otherwise, Cookie Sword could have been one of the best swords in the game.

Note that you must have Armament Haki enabled for both Skills to work on Logia users.

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