How to Get Candy in Blox Fruits & What You Can Buy With it

Candy is the new seasonal limited-time currency introduced during the latest Christmas Update 2022 for Blox Fruits.

Candy is farmable from any mob or boss. The only requirement is that the hostile NPC's level is 100 levels below your own level or higher. For instance, if you are level 1800, the mob or boss must be at least level 1700 to drop candy when you defeat it, while there is no upper-level limit.

This limitation is established to prevent players from farming lower-level mobs for candies.

Do all Mobs and Bosses in Blox Fruits drop Candy?

Yes, but it's not a guaranteed drop. As long you respect the level limits mentioned earlier, mobs have a chance to drop 0-3 Candies based on our tests. While you will get 1+ Candy more often than not, the chance of a mob dropping Candy is not 100%. However, Bosses seem to always drop between 10 and 12 Candies, so it may be a guaranteed drop for them.

What can you buy with Candy in Blox Fruits?

Candy will allow you to buy cosmetics that include:

  • Sleigh – 1,000 Candies
  • Santa Hat – 500 Candies
  • Elf Hat – 250 Candies

You can also spend candies at the Greedy Elf or Magic Elf NPCs to purchase in-game buffs and fragments.

Where are the Christmas Event Islands?

You will find a Christmas Event on each of the three Seas, and they are easily negotiable due to the tall Candy Canes standing out at the top.

  • The Christmas Event island in the First Sea is next to Snow Island.
  • The Christmas Event island in the Second is located on the right side of the spawn point. Just get a boat from the dock and head right. The island is next to the starting island.
  • You will find the Christmas Event island in the Third Sea at the Sea of Treats.

You can check the video by Vasper below for the exact locations of all three Christmas Event islands, as the one in the third sea is surrounded by multiple islands. Once again, aim for the candy canes!

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