How to Get Armament Haki V2 (Buso Haki V2) in King Legacy

In Roblox King Legacy, created and developed by Venture Lagoons it is possible to upgrade your Armament Haki to Armament Haki V2 by completing a quest that requires you to defeat Dark Beard.

Armament Haki V2 Requirements

To obtain Armament Haki V2, you must already have the standard Armament Haki (V1). This Haki form can be obtained for $500,000 Beli on Bubble Island. The other requirement is to reach max level in the game (Level 3,600). Finally, you will need $35,000,000 Beli to purchase the upgrade to V2.

How to get Armament Haki V2

If you have Armament Haki and have hit level 3600, you can visit the new Marine Island, where you will find the Soldier Headquarters and talk to the NPC Lee, standing outside a building. Lee will ignore you unless you are level 3,600.

So if you have hit max level, Lee will give you a quest to find “Pung,” another NPC, and bring him some diamonds.

Pung is located on Pirate Island. You will find him inside a house near the spawn point of the island. Pung is easily recognizable from his mustache, which is similar to Lee's.

Once you talk to Pung, he will say:

You wanted some diamonds for Lee? Hm, prove to me that you are worth of those jewels. Defeat Dark Beard and I'll make those desires come true.

Pung – Pirate Island

Once you defeat Dark Beard, you will see a notification reading, “Pung is happy now.”

Go back to Pung and interact with him.

Pung will now say:

Wow, you are actually capable of defeating that monster! Take all those diamonds and bring them back to Lee.

Pung – Pirate Island

You will also see a notification reading “Earned Diamond“.

Now go back to Lee in Marine Island and interact with him:

I hope Pung is still alright… Wow, you brought the diamonds! Now, I can announce to thw whole world that I've obtained those diamonds!

Lee – New Marine HQ

Press Accept to complete the quest and receive $25,000 Beli and 50,000 EXP.

Now talk to Lee again:

Do you want to upgrade your Armament for $35,000,000 Beli?

Lee – New Marine HQ

Press Accept to upgrade your Armament Haki to Armament Haki V2.

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