How to get and use Song of Escape in Lost Ark

Music to the rescue!

Last Updated: November 21, 2022 @ 23:42
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Written By Anastasios Antoniadis

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Lost Ark was released to western audiences just a few days ago, and frankly, the game takes some exciting unconventional turns within the RPG genre.

Typically, escaping a dungeon in any video game requires players to complete the dungeon (for instance, by using a portal after defeating the final boss) or going back to the beginning.

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Lost Ark provides a more aesthetic approach to leaving dungeons.

As they travel around Arkesia, players will discover a variety of musical abilities. These abilities vary in power and use. The Song of Escape is the first musical ability that players will gain. Players will be able to gain the ability by completing the main quest.

You can see your earned sheet music by pressing “F2” or choosing Adventure at the bottom left, then the Sheet Music tab. Drag and drop the Song of Escape onto the action bar at the slot number of your choice.

Once you have killed the boss and grabbed the loot, click the assigned key to escape the dungeon.