How to fix Seed Maker not working in Stardew Valley

The Seed Maker is a valuable tool in Stardew Valley that allows players to transform their harvested crops into seeds, facilitating the growth of new plants and maximizing the farm's productivity. However, some players have encountered issues with their Seed Maker not functioning as intended, causing frustration and impeding progress. This article will explore the reasons behind this problem and provide effective solutions to help you get your Seed Maker back up and running smoothly in your Stardew Valley adventure.

Common Reasons & Fixes for Seed Maker Not Working

The Seed Maker in Stardew Valley may not work properly due to insufficient power supply, reaching maximum capacity, using incompatible crops, or experiencing malfunctions or damage that requires repair or replacement.

1. Inadequate Power Supply

An insufficient power supply is one common reason for a Seed Maker not working correctly in Stardew Valley. To operate efficiently, the Seed Maker must be connected to a reliable power source, such as a generator or battery. If the Seed Maker is not connected to a power source or the power source has depleted its energy reserves, the machine will not function as intended.

How to fix: Use a cable to connect the Seed Maker to the power supply or replace the drained battery.

2. Maximum Capacity Reached

Another potential issue with the Seed Maker's performance could be that it has reached its maximum capacity. The Seed Maker can hold up to 20 items; once it hits this limit, it cannot process any more crops. Players can check the machine's capacity by hovering their cursor in the game.

How to fix: You can monitor the machine's capacity by placing your mouse cursor over it in the game.

3. Incompatible Crops

The Seed Maker does not work with every crop available in Stardew Valley. Certain plant types, including fruits and vegetables, cannot be converted into seeds using the Seed Maker. Instead, players must use compatible crops like wheat, rice, and most flowers to produce seeds successfully.

Here is a list of crops that won't produce seeds when placed in the Seed Maker:

  • Blackberry
  • Coconut
  • Coffee Bean
  • Crocus
  • Crystal Fruit
  • Fiddlehead Fern
  • Fruit Tree Fruit
  • Salmonberry
  • Sweet Pea
  • Tea Leaves
  • Wild Plum

Additionally, the Seed Maker won't produce any seeds when you place any item labeled as “Forage,” excluding the following four:

  • Wild Horseradish
  • Spice Berry
  • Common Mushroom
  • Winter Root

How to fix: Simple. Only use crops that are compatible with the Seed Maker.

4. Machine Malfunctions or Damage

Lastly, the Seed Maker might not function correctly due to a bug or a technical issue. In such cases, players may need to repair or replace the machine to restore its proper operation. Addressing potential flaws or damage can help ensure the Seed Maker functions optimally throughout the game.

How to fix: Use your crafting station to craft replacement materials or purchase a new Seed Maker at Robin's Carpentry Shop.


In conclusion, experiencing issues with the Seed Maker in Stardew Valley can be frustrating, but several troubleshooting steps can help resolve the problem. Following the steps outlined in this guide, players can identify and address common issues preventing the Seed Maker from working properly.

Additionally, by taking preventative measures and regularly maintaining their game, players can reduce the likelihood of encountering this issue in the future. As always, sharing tips and experiences with the community is important to help others troubleshoot and enjoy the game to the fullest.

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