How to fix “Cannot Create Character” Error in Lost Ark?

Smilegate's Lost Ark has been a popular Steam game ever since its launch. Players are enjoying the new MMOARPG but are disappointed that they can't play it. Players must wait in a queue because most servers are full. Players cannot create new characters on servers that are less crowded. Here's our guide to how to fix the Lost Ark “cannot create character.”

How do you fix “Cannot Create Character” Errors in Lost Ark?

The only way to overcome the “Cannot Create Character” error is to join less crowded servers.

  • Avoid servers with prolonged queue times if you need to create a new character.
  • Ideally, you should aim for servers with Good status instead of Busy.
Lost Ark cannot create character error - Busy and Good Server Status screen
Image credit: Smilegate

Why does the “cannon create character” error occur?

Smilegate's character creation limitations are the reason for this error. According to Smilegate's blog, Lost Ark's developers will restrict character creation on some servers to avoid overcrowding them.

These restrictions will only be applicable to new players who are waiting in queue to join a server.

Below are the servers that currently character creation limits.

  • NA West
    • Mari
    • Valtan
  • NA East
    • Azena
    • Una
    • Regulus
    • Avesta
  • EU Central
    • Kadan
    • Trixion
    • Thirain
    • Zinnervale
    • Asta

You need not worry, though, as Smilegate confirmed on Twitter that they will be adding servers to handle the overcrowded servers. These character creation limitations will continue to be in effect until an update or patch is available that resolves the problem.

Lost Ark will receive an update on February 17. All servers will be offline for maintenance. Here's how to check Lost Ark's server status

Although the update addresses many issues, it won't be the overcrowded servers issue. Smilegate is in the process of adding a new European server region to overcome the challenge posed by the game's popularity. 

The new region will be visible to players, but it won't be immediately available.

If you are just getting started with Lost Ark, make sure to check our beginners' guide and class guide.