How to Farm Money (Wen) & Level Up Fast in Project Slayers

In Project Slayers you will want to earn some Wen as fast as possible to purchase a Katana for 1,069, so in this guide we will explain the best ways to make money fast to help you get a Katana and spend 5,000 Wen to start a Breathing Questline.

How to Level Up fast in Project Slayers

One of the best ways to level up fast while making some money early on is to complete Somi‘s Questline in Kiribating Village, then complete Grandpa Wagwon‘s quest, and finally Sarah‘s quest, then keep repeating the process.

Level 1-12

Here are all the quest and the amount of Wen and XP they will earn you.

Quests in Kiribating Village

  • Collect 4 Rice patches for Sarah (Questgiver: Sarah, Level Requirement: 1+)
    • Reward: 45 XP & 120 Wen
  • Deliver to the marked location (Questgiver: Grandpa Wagwon, Level Requirement: 1+)
    • Reward: 45 XP & 150 Wen
  • Defeat 5 of Zuko's subordinates (Questgiver: Somi ? Quest #1, Level Requirement: 1+)
    • Reward: 50 XP & 21 Wen
  • Defeat two subordinates while carrying Riyaku ? Rescue Riyaku (Questgiver: Somi ? Quest #2, Level Requirement: 1+)
    • Reward: 135 XP & 25 Wen
  • Defeat Zuko (Questgiver: Somi ? Quest #3, Level Requirement: 1+)
    • Reward: 80 XP & 40 Wen

You can repeat these quests until level 12 when you get a Breathing.

Level 12-20

For levels 12-20 you can repeat the quest in Zapiwara Cave

Quests in Zapiwara Cave

  • Get rid of Demons in the cave (Questgiver: Membere Memoken, Level Requirement: 10+)\
    • Objective: Defeat 3 Sakurai Demons 0/3
    • Reward: 235 XP & 66 Wen

Level 20-35 for Demons, 20-50 for Demon Slayers

For levels 20-50 you can repeat the quest in Ushumaru and in particular two-part questline by Grandpa Shiron. Note that at level 15 you can become a Demon Slayer or a Demon, which is vital for the next step (Level 50+). Spamming the Kaden quests is by far the easiest way to earn some good items from T1 Chests, while you also get EXP and Wen.

Demon Slayer bosses are so easy that you can start completing Muzan's Quests at level 30-35. As a Demon Slayer, I recommend sticking to the Kaden questline because fighting Nezuko and Slasher Demon can be nerve-wrecking if you can't even guard against their normal attack combos).

Quests in Ushumaru Village

  • Deliver food to Naratia (Questgiver: Kurake, Level Requirement: 1+)
    • Reward: 75 XP & 150 Wen
  • Find Betty's missing gem stone
    • Reward: 0 XP & 500 Wen
  • Defeat 4 Kaden's subordinates (Questgiver: Grandpa Shiron ? Quest #1, Level Requirement: 20+)
    • Reward: 215 XP & 80 Wen
  • Defeat the Bandit Kaden (Questgiver: Grandpa Shiron ? Quest #2, Level Requirement: 20+)
    • Reward: 315 XP & 100 Wen

Level 35+ for Demons, 50+ for Demon Slayers

You can access the Crow from the HotBar if you are a Demon Slayer to receive quests that provide a lot of EXP, or look for Muzan at his spawn locations as a Demon, as he has 6 quests available and you can have 5 active simultaneously.

Muzan's Quests

  • Eliminate 13 Mizunotos at the Butterfly Mansion
    • Reward: 250 Wen and 1050 XP
  • Eliminate Sabito
    • Reward: 115 Wen and 950 XP
  • Eliminate Zanegutsu Kuuchie
    • Reward: 66 Wen and 600 XP
  • Eliminate Giyu
    • Reward: 264 Wen and 1300 XP
  • Eliminate Shiron
    • Reward: 90 Wen and 850 XP
  • Eliminate Sanemi
    • Reward: 90 Wen and 920 XP

Crow Quests

  • Defeat 15 Sakurai Demons around the Map
    • Reward: 250 Wen and 1050 XP
  • Defeat Nezuko
    • Reward: 170 Wen and 1050 XP
  • Defeat Slasher Demon
    • Reward: 170 Wen and 1050 XP
  • Defeat Susamaru
    • Reward: 230 Wen and 1050 XP
  • Defeat Yahaba
    • Reward: 230 Wen and 1050 XP

The guide below by Auratix demonstrates the whole process:

How to Farm Wen Fast in Project Slayers

This method focuses on making Wen Fast at the expense of XP. You can go to Usumaru Village and talk to Betty to complete “Find Betty's Missing Gem Stone“. All three possible locations for the Gem Stone are really close and that quest will earn you 0 XP and 500 Wen.

Once you reach 2,500 Wen you can go to Mark in Ushumaru Village to buy a Fishing Rod. Selling fish is a great way to earn Wen. Here are the prices for the fish you can sell:

  • Red Fish ? 90 Wen
  • Carp ? 180 Wen
  • Salmon ? 300 Wen

The process requires completing Betty's Quest, and during her 5-min cooldown until you can retake the quest, you will be going fishing at the river. Fishing requires you to complete a simple minigame, so you can earn 5-7 fish during those 5 minutes, which will sell for 1,000-1,400 Wen (you can go to Mark to sell them), so you can make close to 2,000 Wen every 6-7 minutes by following this process.

Then go back to Betty and repeat the process until you have the amount of Wen you want.

The guide below by Auratix demonstrates the whole process:


This is everything you need to know about leveling up and making money fast in Project Slayers.

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Finally, note that a private server will make your life easier while leveling up.

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