How to Drag Click, Explained

Leaving professional esports players aside, there are some shortcuts to getting better at video games. Knowing these techniques can come in handy, as we don't play the same game 12+ hours a day like them. If you want to use the left mouse button faster, check our article How to Drag Click.

If you've heard of the drag clicking technique but don't know exactly how to do it, be sure to learn it by the end of this guide. This technique will be especially useful in games where clicks per second are important, such as Minecraft and Roblox. Although it is easy to learn, it may take some practice to get it perfect.

What is Drag Click or Drag Clicking?

Click-per-second speed is a feature that depends on technical limits rather than ability. The speeds that some professional esports players reach after thousands of hours of work are very special. But other hardcore players (like us) need to learn Drag Click.

The main purpose of this method is to trick your mouse. As silly as it sounds, that's exactly how it is. Normally, mouse buttons perceive individual pressures as clicks. In this method, you drag your finger on the button. Thus, your mouse detects multiple clicks instead of single clicks.

If we understand the underlying idea of Drag Clicking, we can move on to how to do it.

How to Drag Click

First of all, open Joltfly that measures clicks per second to practice your finger and test the mouse you use. Try to score as high as possible with the normal click method a few times and take note of it. If you have an average speed, your score should be between 50 and 75.

Now that you have done the Kohi Click Test and determined the score you are trying to pass, you can now follow the steps below:

  • First, clean the mouse buttons and bottom. Your finger needs to move freely on the button while dragging and clicking. Likewise, make sure your hands are clean and dry.
  • Then gently place your hand and fingers on your mouse as usual. You may be working on a special technique, but there is no need to bore yourself. If you are right-handed, your thumb should be on the left. Place your ring finger on the right side and your middle finger on the right button. Thus, your index finger will be able to move freely on the left button.
  • When you are ready, you can start the magical technique. Place your finger vertically at the bottom starting point of the left button. This angle should not be too steep. Then start dragging your finger towards the end of the button. When you do this correctly, you will hear faint clicking sounds, thanks to the strength of your wrist. Keep working until you find the right pressure.

If you have tried and failed, the problem may be with your mouse.

Razer Deathadder Elite
Credit: Razer

Best Mice for Drag Clicking

If you haven't been able to tap click even after trying for a long time, we suggest you try with a different mouse. Since PvP modes of games like Minecraft have become very fashionable in recent years, companies have started to produce mice with Drag Click support.

Almost every major technology brand has a mouse that supports this technique. However, we recommend that you go to a tech store and try it out.

You can find the best mice for drag clicking here.

Other Tips for Click Fast

The worldwide average of clicks per second is 6.5. Since this number represents average players, it gets higher and higher in competitive games. Averages around 10 on some Minecraft servers. Although it doesn't seem like much of a difference, it's actually almost twice the speed difference. So clicking fast is something you will always want.

If you want to increase your speed instead of using a special technique, you should do a lot of training. Think of it like fast typing on the keyboard. The more you write, the faster you get. You don't need the 10 finger technique or special finger placements to get above average. The same goes for fast clicking. It's up to you to change your mouse, practice clicking in your spare time, and find the optimal speed for the games you play.

Note that both drag clicking and quick clicking, in general, reduce mouse usage time. Your mouse may fail more quickly than usual. As a final note, on some Minecraft servers, the number of clicks far above the average is considered cheating and the reason for being penalized. If you are playing on such a server, you may want to pay attention to it.

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