The Spire Questline – How to Complete All the Spire Quests

If you are looking to progress the main questline of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6, this is the guide. The Spire quests revolve around the mysterious building at the center of the island called… The …

Fortnite the Spire Quests Chapter 2 Season 6

If you are looking to progress the main questline of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6, this is the guide. The Spire quests revolve around the mysterious building at the center of the island called… The Spire. You do not need the battle pass to complete these quests, but they are a great way to level up your battle pass if you have one.

1. Find and Talk to Tarana

tarana NPC honey burbs
This is Tarana's hologram at Boney Burbs form in case someone has already killed her. You can still interact with her.

The first quest that offsets the chain of quests that follow requires you to find Tarana and talk to her. Tarana is easy to find as she roams around the center of Boney Burbs. Look for the bubble with the three dots to find her as she is the only NPC at the Boney Burbs.

Talking to Tarana will give you 1,000 experience points. Now you can start the Spire questline. 

The next quest requires you to find three artifacts at the Boney Burbs for Tarana. I have already complete the Spire quests sequence, but I revisited the locations as Neymar Jr to show you the artifact spots.

tarana artifacts locations boney barbs
Tarana's and the three artifact's locations in Boney Burbs

2. Locate the Three Artifacts at Boney Burbs

All artifacts have a blueish aura surrounding them so they are easy to spot.

The fist artifact is on the ground floor of the building just south of Tarana. It's the one whose ground floor looks like a wreck.

tarana artifact ground floor wrecked building honey burbs

The second artifact in the sole building of the gas station in Boney Burbs right next to a tree.

tarana artifact boney burbs gas station tree building
You will find the second artifact at the gas station's main building in Boney Burbs

The final artifact is at the “clock tower” of Boney Burbs. It's not really a clock tower it just has a clock painted on it and it's next to a corn field. The artifact is just under the staircase.

tarana artifact boney burbs clock tower stair
The third artifact is at the clock tower just under the stairs.

3. Find the Thief (Raz at Colossal Crops)

After returning the artifacts to Tanara, you will have to head to Colossal Crops. There you will find Raz, the thief, who will ask you to locate an audio device. Locating Raz is easy as he is on the first floor of the main building (the biggest one which has four floors in total).

Interacting with Raz completes the “Find the Thieve” Spire quest and rewards you with 52,500 exp points.

4. Play the Last Log at Colossal Crops

The next task assigned to you is to find an audio log in Colossal Crops and play it. This part is very easy as the audio log is at the edge of the dividing wall of the main building.'s=20

You will hear Agent Jonesy saying “Listen to the Crystal song.” with a very distorted voice.

Then return to Raz to receive another 52,500 EXP points.

At this point you need to complete 5 quest of uncommon or higher rarety to proceed to the next Spire challenge/quest.

5. Collect a Cult Talisman From a Spire Guardian

You no need to go to one of the 6 guard towers across the island and kill the Guardian, an NPC. These may look hard at first, but they are fairly easy to beat once you get the hang of it.

To avoid any trouble, make sure to bring some shields and a few mats to build defensive walls along with a rare or epic rifle and a shotgun. This shouldn't be asking too much.

Upon getting the talisman you will receive another 30,000 EXP points.

6. Retrieve the Cult Artifact from The Spire

cult artifact location the spire
The Cult Artifact is located at the marked house on the map

Your next task asks you to go to the Spire and retrieve the Cult Artifact. The Cult Artifact is in one of the house at the base of the Spire and once you find it you will receive another 30,000 EXP points.

cult artifact location at the spire
Cult Artifact location at the base of the Spire. Credit: Everyday FN via YouTube

7. Harvest 3 Chicken Feathers, a Boar Tusk, and a Wolf Fang

This part is pretty straightforward. You will find chicken in several locations, including the Colossal Crops. The animal is full of chicken, boars and wolves and in most cases you shouldn't have any issues with wolves, now that we are used to hunting dinosaurs in Fortnite… -_-

Harvesting all the required materials will yield another 30,000 EXP points.

Now you need to return to Raz, and once again, you will have to complete another 5 quest of uncommon or higher rarety to reveal the next Spire quest.

8. Don the Disguise and Strike Three Resonant Crystals at The Spire

After completing the requirements you can now talk to Raz again at Colossal crops and he will task you with visiting the Spire one more time, wear a Spire Guardian disguise and break three resonant crystals.

the spire don the disguise and strike three resonant crystals
This is the location where you don the disguise at the Spire.

The sequence begins close to the house where you found the cult artifact, and the three crystals are easy to find if the Spire is not crowded with other players. Watch the video below by Perfect Score for more details.

Don the Disguise and Strike Three Resonant Crystals at The Spire (4) - Fortnite The Spire Quests

9. Use Raz's Device and Talk to 5 of the Joneses

The next request to talk to 5 different variants of Agent Jones on the island. Thankfully there are several of them, and it's easy to find and talk to Joneses.

I have marked all the fixed locations for Joneses across the Fortnite island map and some known random ones for Bunker Jones. After talking to 5 Joneses you will have to fight Jonesy the First at Pleasant Park.

jonesy locations fortnite

10. Fight Jonesy the First at Pleasant Park

This is an easy fight as Jonesy the First is one of the guys that can upgrade your weapons. So, first talk to him to upgrade your shotgun, rifle, or SMG to, let's say, epic, and then talk to him and select the Spire icon, follow the dialogue sequence until you see a bubble with a red-texted “fight.” Don't start shooting! Talk to Jonesy the First and select the “Duel” option. He will shockwave you back, and the fight will commence.

Upon completion, you will receive EXP Points, and you can now unlock the final Spire-themed styles if you own the Fortnite Battle Pass. These include the Runic and Golden Tarana styles, the Runic and Golden Raz styles, and the Runic and Golden Spire Assassin styles.

Tarana Raz Spire Assassin chromium runic and golden relic styles
The Chromium, Runic and Golden styles for Raz, Tarana, and the Spire Assassin. Credit: Epic Games

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