How to change your race in Reaper 2 [Race Reroll Guide]

Roblox's Reaper 2 was released in January 2022. It is an anime action RPG adaptation of the popular manga and anime series Bleach. Once you start the game, you will randomly be assigned one of the three available races in Reaper 2: Quincy, Soul Reaper, or Hollow.

Changing your Race is possible in Reaper 2, but it is not available for free. You will have to spend Robux or $5000 in game cash for a Race Reroll. However, you can use Reaper 2 codes that provide Race Rerolls for a free reroll chance. 

Remember that you cannot deliberately select a Race in Reaper 2. In all three cases, you will end up using the Race Roll gacha system of Reaper 2.

Race Reroll Chances

Reaper 2 currently has three Races that players can become if they re-roll. Each Race comes with a different Skill Tree and characteristics, so it's essential to get things right, regardless of the number of rerolls you will need. Below is a list of the chance percentages for each Race.

  • Soul Reaper – 50%
  • Hollow – 35%
  • Quincy – 15%

You can check our race tier list for more information on Reaper 2 races. Soul Reapers can awaken their Shikai, Hollows can evolve to all three forms available in Bleach (Menos, Adjucha, Vasto Lorder), while Quincies come with fewer bells and whistles.

Changing your Race in Reaper 2

Where can I find F33NY in Reaper 2

To re-roll your Race in Reaper 2, locate the NPC F33NY. You will need to pay $5,000 in-game currency. In the past F33NY was located in Central Karakura, but he has been moved since then, so you can find him at the game's starting location in South Karakura.

Click on F33NY to start interacting with him. A text box will pop up asking if you would like to re-roll Race for $5,000. Remember that changing your Race will reset your entire data. To confirm that you wish to re-roll your Race, press Roll Race.

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Which is the rarest Race in Reaper 2?

The rarest race in Reaper 2 is the Quincies with a 15% Roll chance.

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