How to Beat Slasher Demon in Project Slayers?

Our guide will help you take down Slasher Demon in Project Slayers if you are having any trouble against his Reaper Blood Demon Art moves!

How to beat Slasher Demon Feature Image

Slasher Demon is listed as a mid-game boss in Project Slayers, but his slashing attacks can be quite hard to block, so in this guide we will show you an easier method to take him down. You can check our Project Slayers map for her location in Dangerous Woods, but using the Horse Guy to Fast Travel to Slasher Demon is recommended (then just take the right path at the fork (the left leads to Nezuko).

The easiest way to take down Slasher Demon is to just climb up a hill and spam him with ranged attacks, then occasionally come down to combo him. The same method can be used for a bunch of bosses in Project Slayers, including Giyu, Susamaru, and Yahaba (all the endgame bosses).

In the video guide below the fight starts at the 0:19 mark.

How To SOLO ANY Boss In Project Slayers


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Finally, note that a private server will make your life easier while leveling up.

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