How to Avoid Losing Runes When You Die In Elden Ring

The basic currency in Elden Ring is runes. However, you will lose a lot of them as deaths are inevitable. You can always return to the place where you died and pick up any currency you have dropped. If you die while your runes are down on the ground, they will be gone forever. There's an easy way to get around this. To help you avoid losing runes when your character dies, here's our Elden Ring guide.

Elden Ring How to Not lose runes after your character dies

The Sacrificial Twig is an item that protects you from losing runes when you die in Elden Ring. You can often find this while exploring (e.g., glowing loot in the dungeons/overworld). This is often sold by merchants. One of these can be found at the Weeping Peninsula's southwestern tip, which is south of the Limgrave start area.

The Sacrificial Twig is available for purchase at 3,000 runes per twig. The merchant also has three. You don't have to worry if the merchant's stock is small, three is plenty, and you will find more on your journey! The Elden Ring Sacrificial Twig is a talisman. You won't lose runes if you have the Sacrificial Twig item equipped. But The Sacrificial Twig will be broken upon death. So you lose the talisman instead of the runes when you fall.

It is almost ineffective when you have less than 20,000 runes per level. This is something you might consider later, when you may need to have tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of runes per level. It's not a good idea to lose them in the event you die. And, it may be more difficult to retrieve your “corpse” if you when playing in some of the later areas.

The Twiggy Cracked tear temporarily stops rune loss in the case of your character's unfortunate end. Once you have the Flask Of Wondrous Physick, this can be used in a mixture.

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