How long it takes to beat Elden Ring? Various outlets answer!

Elden Ring can be a difficult game even for Soulsborne veterans.

Elden Ring, compared to Dark Souls is a large open-world with a lot of things to do, see and conquer. It should take you at least 40 hours to complete Elden Ring's main story.

Because Elden Ring holds many secrets, the playtime of forty hours could easily be doubled or tripled. There are many things you can do beyond just experiencing the main story.

  1. You can expect to complete a lot mini-dungeons that have valuable rewards such as new spells, weapons, armor sets.
  2. You should visit each dungeon you find. The Lands Between is enormous and beautifully designed. If you don't visit it all, you will miss out on the lore and its exceptional environmental designs as well as some of the most interesting quests in the game.
  3. Each optional dungeon leads to a boss. This can be either easy or difficult depending on many factors. But some of the greatest treats are hidden in these optional dungeons.
  4. Other than the main story, co-op and PVP offer many additional activities. Expect “fight clubs” to be formed fairly quickly by the Souls community!
  5. Merchants offer documents that will lead you to a scavenger hunt activities, kind of like Sekiro treasures. Many of these notes will take you to hidden treasures or areas that may take a while to find without these “hints”.
  6. There are many Overworld bosses. They will be presented to you as you travel through Lands Between. You can reap greater rewards by removing them and you will get valuable items later.
  7. You can get quests from some NPCs. These quests will help you gain a deeper understanding of the lore and what is happening in Lands Between. Complete said quest lines for unique gestures, weapons and armor sets.

And if you want more details that can tip you off just how large Elden Ring is, we have information about how long playtests conducted by different outlets lasted. The following playtests reveal that Elden Ring takes on average 58 hours.

FromSoftware30 hours
Game Ä°nformer55 hours
GameSpot50 hours
IGN87 hours
Kirk McKeand62 hours
PC Gamer60 hours
VG 24/760 hours
Video Games Chronicle50 hours

FromSoftware's 30-hour time frame stands out from the rest, as you can see in the table. It's possible to complete Elden Ring within 30 hours. However, it takes more time to beat it. This is because players must go through many hidden objectives.

Your results will vary depending on how fast you go. Elden Ring's open-world has much to offer and players can enjoy the game even more if they take their time to complete each objective.

Also, keep in mind that video game outlets have an incentive to rush through some of the content. Some of the first submissions to suggest that the game might take around 90-100 hours if you are the type of gamer to leave no stone unturned, and no boss not slain.

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