Hero Simulator Skill System Revamp Update Patch Notes & Update Log

The latest Roblox Hero Simulator Skill Revamp update introduces a complete overhaul of the game’s stat and skill system.

Hero Simulator

The new Skill System Revamp Update for Roblox Hero Simulator was released on August 3rd, 2022! The update introduces new content and a new limited-time event!

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Hero Simulator Skill System Revamp Update Changelog

After a LONG time in preparation we are very happy to announce the Skill System REVAMP!!!!!!

+ A brand new Energy system! Using skills now uses Energy, the more energy = the more skills you can use. Energy is gained by increasing your Psychic and is passively gained over time. (Essentially all skills now use the same cooldown rather than individual ones) 

+ Each statistic now has its own special element. Each stat may have skills that link in with that element. The elements are as follows: 

Psychic - Ice 
Strength - Fire
Endurance - Earth 

ALL skills have been revamped and most of them are completely new! Here are all of them: 


Combat (Default) 
Stomp - Stomps the ground creating a shockwave attack. Requires 70 Energy. 100 Strength.
Rage - Consumes 10 Energy/s. Melee attacks become faster, 2x strength and inflicts 3s Burn damage to enemies (does not stack). 1,000 Strength.


Instead of simply having your Super Speed being based off of your Speed statistic, we now have unlockable speed skills! Only one speed skill can be activated at once!

Super Speed - 100 Speed.
 Sonic Speed - 100 Speed + Prestige 1.
Super Sonic Speed - 1,000 Speed + Prestige 3.


Flight - Jump twice to active, consumes 3 Energy/s, will auto-deactivate once your Energy runs out. 5,000 Psychic.
Energy Blast - Consumes 100 Energy. Emits a powerful blast towards where you aim. 500 Psychic.
Mind Freeze - Consumes 200 Energy. Freezes everyone with a lower psychic within the radius. 2,500 Psychic.


Heal - Consumes 100 Energy. Heals 10% of your health and removes burn effects. 100 Endurance.
Harden - Requires 30 Energy to activate and consumes 10 Energy/s.  Turns your characters skin to stone. Doubles health. Reflects 20% damage if your endurance is higher than the attacker's strength. 1,000 Endurance.
Enlarge - Requires 30 Energy to activate and consumes 20 Energy/s. Multiplies size and health by 3. 10^12 Endurance + Prestige 1.
Exchange - Consumes 0 Energy. Exchange 20% Health for 20% of your maximum Energy in return. May be lethal. 100 Endurance + Prestige 2.

You can now set each skill a custom keybind!

Quests have all been updated to further explain the new system to newer players!

A small note: We were going to release this alongside the new map however that is taking longer than expected. Instead we will continue to add new skills and quests whilst we wait for the map to be complete. The new map is much larger and way better than the current one!

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