Happy Wheels Unblocked: How to play and where

Where to play Slope unblocked!

Happy Wheels Unblocked: How to play and where

In this post, we will explain where to find and play Happy Wheels Unblocked. Happy Wheels unblocked is a very popular game and another one of the best unblocked games currently, similar to 1v1.lol, Slope and Run 3.

Happy Wheels is a highly entertaining a quite splattery game in which you try to progress with you character that essentially drives some sort of wheeled vehicle, be it a cart, wheelchair, or something different. As you move around the stage you encounter different challenges, from vehicles chasing you to pokemon attacking you and your vehicle on other levels. Any mistakes will get you dismembered so tread lightly.

The controls are somewhat confusing as you can do more than move the vehicle. You can use the character to manipulate the vehicle's mass center and even jump out of your carrier. Be careful though as your human is very fragile!

In general, the game requires a lot of skill to balance your wheels but it's definitely among the better HTML5 games. With over a billion plays online, Happy Wheels is a physics-based obstacle course game available on your mobile device. Consider yourself an incompetent racer who ignores severe consequences while desperately trying to win.

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Where to play Happy Wheels unblocked

There are multiple unblocked gaming websites that offer Slope and a simple Google search will lead you to several options. However, it seems that Total Jerk Face is the official vendor of the HTML 5 version of the game.

You can also check our list of best unblocked websites with games for other options.

Happy Wheels credits. Happy Wheels was created by Jim Bonacci.

How to unblock Happy Wheels

To easily unblock Slope and other blocked games you can use a VPN. Here are some of the top VPN picks to unblock websites from our reviewers which will allow you to enjoy Happy Wheels unblocked:

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Happy Wheels #101
Happy Wheels #101 – YouTube by jacksepticeye

Happy Wheels is BACK!
Happy Wheels is BACK! – YouTube by LazarBeam

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