GunBlood Unblocked: How to Play at School & Work 2023

How to play the popular western gunslinger dueling game GunBlood Unblocked at school and work.

GunBlood Unblocked

Are you looking for a way to play GunBlood Unblocked at school or work? If you are ready to shine your revolver, fill up your barrel, and duel opponents in shootouts that will challenge your grit and accuracy, we are here to help.

The game requires you to place your cursor on the bullet chamber until the timer before the fight runs out, and then aim as precisely as possible and take shots at your opponent cowboys to take them down first. Defeating an opponent will take you to the next round for as long as you can last, while there are also bonus rounds, in which you must tarket and take down animals or target objects like birds, bottles, or knives without shooting your assistant, in what is a circus act rather than an intense duel.

The game is one of the most difficult online shoot-out games, where only the most skilled gunmen will last until the end and set tough-to-beat high scores. In case you are struggling with Gunblood, you can use Gunblood cheats list for cheat codes that provide advantages like unlimited ammo, increased fire rate, and even a laser pointer to help you aim or unlock the relevant bonus stages as specified.

GunBlood is freely available online, but if it is blocked on the network your device uses to browse the internet, you will find some options for where to find the game below.

Are you ready to test your reflexes?

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Play GunBlood Unblocked

Before you play GunBlood, here are some useful Gunblood beginner tips:

  1. Your mouse cursor must stay on the bullet chamber for the counter to get to zero and the duel to start. Removing it from the chamber will reset the countdown.
  2. Once the fight starts, aim at areas of the opposing gunslinger's bodies where you can deal more fatal wounds. A headshot will instantly win you the duel, but sometimes it is advisable to aim at areas that will destabilize or decapitate your foes to allow you to deliver the killing blow with your next shots. This is particularly useful as you progress to face the most feared gunslingers in the game, who come with increased accuracy and fire rate.
  3. Keep track of your bullet chamber. Remember that your revolver's barrel contains only 6 bullets, so avoid randomly shooting in panic.
  4. Taking hits or using too many bullets will lead to a lower score. If you want to break some records, you must bring your A-game regarding speed, reflexes, and accuracy and try to take out your opponents with one shot before they even shoot. This will allow you earn all the different bonus points available on each level (Accuracy, Life, and Speed).

Controls: At the start of each level, you must keep your cursor at the bullet chamber. Once the timer runs out, move the cursor in the direction where you want to shoot and left-click to fire as fast as you can.


  • FASTFIRE: Gives increased fire rate.
  • MOREAMMO: Gives unlimited ammo.
  • NOHIT: Gives invincibility
  • POINTER: Add a laser pointer to your gun.
  • LEVEL1: Level 1
  • LEVEL2: Level 2
  • LEVEL3: Level 3
  • LEVEL4: Level 4
  • LEVEL5: Level 5
  • LEVEL6: Level 6
  • LEVEL7: Level 7
  • LEVEL8: Level 8
  • LEVEL9: Level 9
  • BONUS1: Bonus Stage 01
  • BONUS2: Bonus Stage 02
  • BONUS3: Bonus Stage 03
  • BONUS4: Bonus Stage 04

Where to Play GunBlood Unblocked?

Here are some other options to play GunBlood Unblocked on Google Sites domains and online gaming websites.

  • Gunblood – EZ PZ Unblocked Games!
  • GunBlood – Tyrone's Unblocked Games – Google Sites
  • Gunblood – Korben Unblocked Games
  • Gunblood – Unblocked Games 6969 – Google Sites
  • GunBlood – Owen Haley's games – Google Sites
  • Gunblood Unblocked Games 77, 66, WTF
  • Gunblood – Unblocked Games 67 – Google Sites
  • Gunblood Unblocked – Yupi Games

You can also check our list of best unblocked websites with games for other options.

GunBlood Unblocked FAQ

What is Gunblood Unblocked?

Gunblood unblocked is a western shootout game by Wolf Games in which only the fastest gunslingers survive. Solve your disputes and disagreements in a western gun duel tradition by shooting each other dead in the street. In Gunblood, you challenge nine dangerous cowboys to a bloody duel to death.

Hover your cursor over the barrel at the bottom of the screen until the countdown has gone from 3 to 0. Then lift your gun and blast away at that bloody vermin trying to kill you. Your speed and your aim will determine how well you score. It will also determine if you live to see another round.

Gunblood is a challenging online shootout game. You only get six shots, as that is all your revolver will allow you. Not only do you have to make them count, but you also need to do it fast. Because your opponent is not wasting any time trying to take you down.

Who created GunBlood?

Gunblood is a western shootout game created by Wolf Games.

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