Gunblood Cheat Codes & Level Codes


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Gunblood is a captivating and speedy game compatible with various devices, offering straightforward and enjoyable gameplay. Players hold their mouse steady over their magazine until the countdown ends, then aim to eliminate their opponent swiftly. The game fosters a competitive spirit, allowing you to form groups with friends and vie for the highest scores. Additionally, it features a plethora of cheat codes that provide various advantages, all of which are detailed in our comprehensive guide.

Cheat Codes for Gunblood

Our list provides all the cheat codes available in Gunblood, along with their effects:

Cheat CodeCheat Effect
NOHITGrants invincibility, though you can still fail objectives.
MOREAMMOOffers unlimited ammunition.
POINTEREquips your gun with a laser pointer for enhanced aiming.
FASTFIREIncreases shooting speed, improving your chances in duels.

Gunblood Level Codes for Level Skipping

Gunblood also includes cheat codes for skipping levels, allowing you to access any level directly:

Level CodeEffect
LEVEL1Start at Level 1
LEVEL2Jump to Level 2
LEVEL3Jump to Level 3
LEVEL4Jump to Level 4
LEVEL5Jump to Level 5
LEVEL6Jump to Level 6
LEVEL7Jump to Level 7
LEVEL8Jump to Level 8
LEVEL9Jump to Level 9
BONUS1Jump to Bonus Stage 1
BONUS2Jump to Bonus Stage 2
BONUS3Jump to Bonus Stage 3
BONUS4Jump to Bonus Stage 4

How to Activate Cheat Codes in Gunblood

Using cheat codes in Gunblood is simple:

  1. Start the game on your device.
  2. Click ‘Play’ to reach the character selection screen.
  3. Enter your chosen cheat code in the box at the bottom to activate it.
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While these cheats provide substantial benefits, remember that they alter the game’s intended challenge. Gunblood acknowledges cheat usage with a visible indicator during gameplay. However, as long as these cheats enhance your enjoyment of the game, their use is a personal choice.


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