Guardian Tales Tier List & Reroll Guide [April 2023]

Guardian Tales is a mobile-based game that allows players to gather, power up, and fight their favorite guardian characters. Since Guardian Tales is a gacha RPG it is good to know which heroes you should target and whether they are worth investing in. This is where our Guardian Tales tier list will help.

Guardian Tales Tier List

Our Guardian Tales Tier List will rank the 30+ Guardian Tales heroes released thus far and rank them according to their best qualities.

Let's see the tiers

  • Tier S: The most potent Guardians that will thrive in almost any team setup
  • Tier A: Still powerful Guardians, but not at the level where they can make every team setup work.
  • Level B: Guardians that can be very useful in several scenarios and
  • Tier C: These guardians will only see situational use in the game, and while some may be useful early on, they fall behind later in the game.
  • Tier D: You should avoid Guardians in this Tier altogether.

Guardian Tales Warriors Tier List

Below are the ranked warriors of Guardian Tales with a primary focus on damage-dealing abilities.

SBeth, Future Knight, Lynn, Lilith
AAlef, Eugene, Lahn, Lapice, Lupina, Orca, Rue, Scintilla, Vishuvac
BAkayuki, Fei/Mei, Plitvice, Shapira
CAmy, Marvin, Neva, Yuze
DThe Knight (female/male), White Beast

Guardian Tales Ranged Heroes Tier List

Below are the top heroes for ranged-based strategy. They are ranked according to attack damage, ability effects, and ease of use.

SBari, Garam, Nari
ABianca, Catherine, Elvira, MK.99, Rachel, Tinia
BArabelle, Coco, Gremory, Hekate, Lucy, Marianne, MK.2, Rie, Sohee
CDolf, Eva, Girgas

Guardian Tales Support Tier List

Below are the top heroes for supporting roles that focus on healing, buffing, and shielding abilities.

SKamael, Gabriel, Noxia
AAoba, Idol Captain Eva, Mayreel, Miya, Veronica
BAisha, Eleanor, Karina

Guardian Tales Tanks Tier List

Below are the top heroes for tanking roles, ranked from strongest to least. They are sorted according to their endurance and survivability skills.

SFuture Princess, Oghma
ACraig, Marina


Guardian Tales Reroll Guide

In Guardian Tales, you can create a guest account when you start the game and leave it unbound to any email address and user ID. Here are the steps to perform a reroll once you start the game.

  1. Launch Guardian Tales and create a guest account without binding it.
  2. Start playing the game.
  3. If you are unhappy with your summons, go back to the main menu, press the cogwheel icon on the top right corner of the game screen, and open the game's settings.
  4. Next, tap “Account Settings” to open the respective menu.
  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the menu, where you will find a ‘Delete Account' button.
  6. Tap the button and press “Confirm” on the following dialog to delete your account and shut down Guardian Tales.
  7. You can now start over with a new guest account.

What is Guardian Tales? 

Guardian Tales, an action RPG by Kong Studio, was released in South Korea on February 24, 2020. It was released in the rest of the world on July 28, 2020.

 You can play the game from either a human hero's or guardian's perspective. You can easily switch between the two roles to solve puzzles, battle bosses side-by-side, and cross obstacles together without leaving your side. Guardians are powerful creatures that can be summoned from legends.

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