GTA 5 Controls and Keybindings on PC

In this post, you will find all the default controls and keybindings for GTA V on PC. Although GTA V has been around for years, we're still not done with the game, which never ceases to excite us with shooting, driving, crouching while taking cover, and launching missiles, among other fun things.

So let's see how you can do all this on GTA 5.

Movement Controls

  • WASD ? Move Forward, backward, strafe left, strafe right
  • Shift ? Sprint
  • L-Alt ? Character switch
  • Q ? Cover?
  • F ? Enter/exit the vehicle
  • R ? Reload
  • Caps Lock ? Special Ability
  • Space ? Jump/handbrake
  • V ? Change the view
  • L-Click ? Fire Weapon
  • R-Click ? Aim/zoom
  • M-Click ? Phone
  • M-scroll ? Quick switch weapon
  • M-scroll (zoomed) ? Aim mode
  • Tab ? Weapon Wheel
  • 1,2,3,4 etc. ? Quick switch weapon category
  • M ? Player interaction menu

Director Mode Controls

The Director Mode in GTA 5 allows players to manipulate NPCs and characters. In Story Mode, Players can access it via the Interaction Menu. While in a vehicle or when Wanted by the Police, players cannot access Director Mode.

  • Director Mode Menu – M
  • Speech – L Ctrl
  • Action – Caps

Recording Controls

  • Start Recording – F1
  • Stop Recording – F1
  • Cancel Recording – F3
  • Turn on Action Replay – F2
  • Save Action Replay – F1
  • Turn Off Action Replay – F3

Timeline Controls

  • Switch between Timeline & Menu – ESC / Right Mouse
  • Control Playhead – Mouse wheel
  • Navigate Timeline – WSAD / Cursor Keys
  • Pick Up a Clip – L Ctrl + X / Drag Left Mouse
  • Place a Clip – L Ctrl + V / Enter / Left Mouse
  • Duplicate a Clip – L Ctrl + C
  • Edit a Clip – Enter / Left Mouse
  • Delete a Clip – DEL
  • Trim Audio or Text Start – Hold Q
  • Trim Audio or Text End – Hold E
  • Trim Clip Manually – [ / ]
  • Snap Trim Audio Clip – Cursor Left / Cursor Right
  • Preview Audio Clip – Space
  • Stop Audio Clip Preview – Space

Clip Edit Mode Controls

  • Play Clip – Space
  • Pause Clip – Space
  • Cycle Markers – [ / ]
  • Add Marker – M
  • Select Marker – Enter / Left Mouse
  • Delete Marker – DEL
  • Move Marker – Drag Left Mouse
  • Scrub – Mouse Wheel
  • Scrub Fine – Cursor Left / Right
  • Hide HUD – H
  • Save – F5


  • Move – WSAD
  • Rotate – Hold Left Mouse
  • Height – Q / E / Mouse Wheel
  • Zoom – Z / C
  • Roll – Cursor Left / Right
  • Reset Camera – L Ctrl
  • Save – F5


  • Move In / Out – Cursor Up / Down
  • Zoom – Z / C
GTA 5 controls and keybindings on PC

Weapon Selection Controls

ActionPrimary Key
Weapon WheelTAB
Next WeaponMouse Wheel forward
Previous weaponMouse Wheel back
Select Unarmed1
Select Melee2
Select Shotgun3
Select Heavy Weapon4
Select Special Weapon5
Select Pistol6
Select SMG7
Select Assault Rifle8
Select Sniper Rifle9

Vehicle Controls

ActionPrimary KeySecondary Key
Exit VehicleF
Next Vehicle WeaponMouse Wheel forwardTab
Previous Vehicle Weapon[
Look Behind (in Vehicle)C
Next Radio Station.Mouse Wheel down
Previous Radio Station,
Next custom radio track=
Previous custom radio track
Cinematic CameraR
Radio WheelQ
Cinematic SlowmoL
Stunt Jump Slow Motion Speed UpMouse Wheel forwardPAGEUP
Stunt Jump Slow Motion Speed DownPAGEDOWN

Vehicle Movement Controls

ACTIONPrimary KeySecondary Key
Steer LeftA
Steer RightD
Lean/Tilt ForwardLeft SHIFTNum8
Lean/Tilt BackwardLeft CTRLNum5
Fire drive-by weaponLMB
Aim drive-by weaponRMB
Bicycle SprintCAPS
Bicycle Front BreakQ
Toggle Driving Mouse Control (Hold)LMB
Convertible raise/lower topH (when stopped)

Aircraft Controls

ACTIONPrimary Key
Aircraft Throttle UpW
Aircraft Throttle DownS
Aircraft Yaw LeftA
Aircraft Yaw RightD
Aircraft Roll LeftNum4
Aircraft Roll RightNum6
Aircraft Pitch ForwardNum8
Aircraft Pitch BackNum5
Aircraft FireSpace
Aircraft Target LeftNum7
Aircraft Target RightNum9
Toggle Landing GearG
Aircraft Grappling Hook/VTOL ModeE
Toggle Aircraft Weapon CameraINSERT
Toggle Aircraft Mouse Control (Hold)LMB

Submersible Controls

ACTIONPrimary Key
Sub Throttle UpW
Sub Throttle DownS
Sub Hard Turn LeftA
Sub Hard Turn RightD
Sub Turn LeftNum4
Sub Turn RightNum6
Sub Pitch ForwardNum8
Sub Pitch BackNum5
Sub AscendLeft SHIFT
Sub DescendLeft CTRL
Toggle Submersible Mouse Control (Hold)LMB

Parachute Controls

ACTIONPrimary KeySecondary Key
Parachute Pitch ForwardW
Parachute Pitch BackS
Parachute Turn LeftA
Parachute Turn RightD
Parachute DeployLMBF
Parachute DetachF
Parachute Break LeftQ
Parachute Break RightE
Parachute Precision ControlLeft SHIFT
Parachute SmokeX

Cellphone Commands

ACTIONPrimary KeySecondary Key
Use PhoneUp ArrowMiddle Mouse
Phone UpUP arrow
Phone DownDOWN arrow
Phone LeftLEFT arrow
Phone RightRIGHT arrow
Phone SelectENTERLMB
Phone OptionDEL
Phone Special OptionSPACEBARMMB
Phone Scroll ForwardMouse Wheel back
Phone Scroll BackMouse Wheel forward
Change Mode (Camera)MMBE
Change Expression (Camera)X
Toggle Grid (Camera)G
Adjust Depth of Field (Camera)F

GTA Online Keys

ACTIONPrimary Key
Text Chat EveryoneT
Text Chat TeamY
Push to TalkN
Point atB
Drop weaponF9
Drop AmmunitionF10
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