Grand Piece Online Tier List: Best Fruits in GPO

Our Grand Piece Online Tier List will help you identify the best Devil Fruits to pursue in the game. Devil Fruits in Roblox's Grand Piece Online work similarly to Devil Fruits in One Piece (without the disadvantage of being unable to swim, although you take damage from water as a DF user).

They provide their users with powerful abilities of an element (Logia), beast (Zoan), and Paramecia (BodyFruit /Physical Attributes-Altering). Acquiring a Devil Fruit in Grand Piece Online will allow you to unlock two to four unique abilities based on your Mastery level and the fruit's rarity.

Fruit Types

  • Zoan – Zoan devil fruits typically transform users into animalsFruit /beasts with devastating power.
  • Logia – Logia devil fruits typically grant elemental powers and allow users to manipulate an element and even transform into it, which in most cases renders regular non-Haki physical attacks against the user useless.
  • Paramecia – Paramecia devil fruits alter the user's body, providing power-ups and boosting physical attributes.

Fruit Rarities

There are 23 Devil Fruits currently in Grand Piece Online:

  • Mythical: (2 Mythical Fruits)
  • Legendary: (12 Legendary Fruits)
  • Epic: (1 Epic Fruit)
  • Rare: (5 Rare Fruits)
  • Common: (3 Common Fruits)

How to Get Fruits in GPO?

There are 6 ways to get a Devil Fruit in Grand Piece Online. The Battle Royale, especially if combined with the Battle Pass, seems to be the most efficient way to acquire Devil Fruits in GPO.

Spawn & Fruit Spawn Rates

Devil Fruits have a chance to spawn under trees once every 1-4 hours after the server is started and will despawn after 1 hour. The timer for the next fruit spawn will start once the currently spawned Devil Fruit gets picked up or despawns.

Fruit Spawn Chances

  • Mythical: 0.5% (2 Mythical Fruits – 0.25% Spawn Chance for each)
  • Legendary: 4% (12 Legendary Fruits – 0.33% Spawn Chance for each)
  • Epic: 10% (1 Epic Fruit – 10% Spawn Chance)
  • Rare: 26% (5 Rare Fruits – 5.2% Spawn Chance for each)
  • Common: 59.5% (3 Common Fruits – 16.6% Spawn Chance for each)

Win the Battle Royale

Competing in GPO's Battle Royale mode can earn you a Devil Fruit, depending on your competing variations:

  • Solos: Winning the Battle Royale in Solos grants you a Legendary Fruit Chest.
  • Duos: Winning the Battle Royale in Duos grants you a Rare Fruit Chest or a Legendary Fruit Chest if you are the team's MVP.
  • Squads: Winning the Battle Royale in Squads grants you a Rare Fruit Chest or a Legendary Fruit Chest if you are the team's MVP.

Rare Fruit Chests guarantee a Rare+ Devil Fruit, although the chance of a Fruit > Rare is minimal.

Rare Fruit Chests guarantee a Legendary+ Devil Fruit, although the chance of getting a Mythical Fruit is also very slim.

Buy the Battle Pass

GPO's Battle Pass includes rewards such as Rare Fruit Chests and Legendary Fruit Chests upon progression.

Destroy Pirate & Marine Ships

If your notoriety level is high enough, enemy Pirate Ships and Marine Ships will attack you while you are on your boat traveling across GPO's seas. Defeating the Captain of the Ship has a chance to reward with a Devil Fruit. The chance seems to be around 1% for Caravels and 2% for Galleons.

Complete Dungeons

Teaming up with other players (recommended) or completing dungeons solo can reward you with a Devil Fruit if you get past wave 25. Going past wave 50 seems to guarantee a Rare Fruit.

Defeat Sea Serpents and Krakens

Sea Serpents and Kraken have a 3% of dropping a Devil Fruit upon defeat.

Grand Piece Online Tier List – Best Fruits

Higher-tier Fruits on our list tend to have far more devastating abilities.

The fruits in our Grand Piece Online Tier List are ranked in 7 tiers, from S+ to D, with S+ containing the most powerful tier and D the weakest. I have also adjusted the spawn probabilities by splitting the spawn probability for each rarity across its Fruits.

So without further ado, let's check our Grand Piece Online tier list and find out the best Fruits in GPO!

Devil FruitTierTypeRaritySpawn Probability
Dough-Dough / Mochi Mochi no MiS+ParameciaMythical0.25%
Magma-Magma / Magu Magu no MiS+LogiaLegendary0.33%
Dark-Dark / Yami Yami no MiSLogiaLegendary4.0%
Rumble-Rumble / Goro Goro no MiSLogiaLegendary4.0%
Bird-Bird, Model: Phoenix / Tori Tori no Mi, Model: PhoenixSZoanMythical0.25%
Paw-Paw / Nikyu Nikyu no MiAParameciaLegendary4.0%
Flame-Flame / Mera Mera no MiALogiaLegendary4.0%
Revive-Revive / Yomi Yomi no MiAParameciaEpic5.2%
Sand-Sand / Suna Suna no MiALogiaLegendary4.0%
String-String / Ito Ito no MiAParameciaLegendary4.0%
Quake-Quake / Gura Gura no MiAParameciaLegendary4.0%
Ice-Ice / Hie Hie no MiALogiaLegendary4.0%
Hollow-Hollow / Horo Horo no MiAParameciaRare26.0%
Light-Light / Pika Pika no MiALogiaLegendary4.0%
Gravity-Gravity / Zushi Zushi no MiBParameciaLegendary4.0%
Shadow-Shadow / Kage Kage no MiBParameciaLegendary4.0%
Gum-Gum / Gomu Gomu no MiBParameciaRare26.0%
Bomb-Bomb / Bomu Bomu no MiBParameciaRare26.0%
Barrier-Barrier / Bari Bari no MiCParameciaRare26.0%
Love-Love / Mero Mero no MiCParameciaRare26.0%
Spin-Spin / Guru Guru no MiCParameciaCommon26.0%
Clear-Clear / Suke Suke no MiFParameciaCommon59.5%
Kilo-Kilo / Kilo Kilo no MiFParameciaCommon59.5%
Grand Piece Online Tier List – Best Fruits in the GPO

This completes our Grand Piece Online Tier List and the best Grand Piece Online Fruits in the game guide.

While you are here, don't forget to check for the latest working Grand Piece Online codes and look at the rest of our Grand Piece Online guides.

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