Gold-selling bots have flooded Lost Ark’s chats

Amazon's Lost Ark is already a big success, but it doesn't come without its problems. Players report that chats are overflowing with bots offering in-game gold to make real money (aka the usual MMO plague).

It's impossible to stop bots from appearing on your websites. It's partly how Lost Ark differs from the West that you can strike one down and another ten take its place.

South Korea requires you to have a valid ID to sign up to verify that the players are legitimate. You don't need to have an ID to create an account in the West. Bots, scammers, or grifters can all make accounts, making it easier for the game's to chat be flooded with gold-selling service bots.

New World, an Amazon-published MMO, is not facing economic difficulties. Gold is also relatively easy to obtain – purchasing it outright is more time-saving than anything. There's no guarantee that these spammers are legitimate, however. You can also buy gold with real money through the in-game exchange system, but it is expensive.

This is because bots could grow to spam chat with offers and links, creating in-game nuisances similar to New World's bot problems. Players are having trouble keeping up with the chat spam right now. One commenter said, “The [blocking] process is too complicated, and the message required is absurd too. A one-click way to report and block spammers from gold would be great. “

There is also a limit to the number of blocked players on your list. Consequently, with so many spammers flooding the chat, you will eventually lose your ability to remove them all. You can try clearing your block list to see if Amazon has blocked spammers. However, this is not a reliable solution and could get you back to square one.

Another way is to block specific keywords, such as ‘gold,' and avoid watching any messages that include them. Thankfully, bots can't reach everyone at once because there is no global chat in Lost Ark.

However, the bot spam issue is still a problem that players ask Amazon to fix.

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