Giant Simulator codes: Free Gold, Eggs & Snowflakes [September 2022]

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In this post, you will find all the latest Roblox Giant Simulator codes. Giant SImulator is a clicking game where you click to collect strength and gold and become bigger. Your goal is to become the most powerful Giant in the world: you must become stronger, faster, and richer through a myriad of in-game features. You will be hunting for better loot, upgrading your weapons and skills, and finding rare pets as you level up and unlock more themed worlds to visit and explore.

Giant Simulator codes will help you in your journey to become the strongest giant, as you can redeem them for Gold, Snowflakes, Premium Coins, Quest Points, and many more freebies!

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All Giant Simulator codes

Below you will find both the latest active codes along with all expired ones. If any of the working codes don't work, you can relaunch your game to join another server that might have an updated build and the latest codes to redeem.

New & Working Giant Simulator codes

Here are all the currently available promo codes for Giant Simulator. These codes don't last forever, so be sure to activate them ASAP and bookmark this page to stay up-to-date with new codes as they become available!

  • finderskeepers Redeem for free rewards
  • explorer Redeem for free rewards
  • MARCH22 Redeem for 20 Premium Coins
  • Meatdept- Redeem for 20,000 Gold
  • Winter21- Redeem for 10,000 Snowflakes
  • Milo Evolved– Redeem for 10,000 Gold
  • AzadArtifacts03- Redeem for 10,000 Gold
  • miloartifacts13- Redeem for 10,000 Gold
  • Artifact- Redeem for 500 Quest Points

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Expired Giant Simulator codes

These are all the codes that have recently become unavailable, meaning the developer has deactivated them or that they were time-sensitive and have now expired:

  • SUMMER- Redeem for 1,000 Shells
  • meatdept– Redeem for 20,000 Gold
  • Evolution– Redeem for 1,000 Eggs
  • EASTER2021– Redeem for 1,000 Eggs
  • Xbox– Redeem for 25,000 Gold
  • Mythic- Redeem for 100,000 Gold
  • GiantNewYear- Redeem for 500 Snowflakes
  • SNOWFLAKES – Redeem for free rewards
  • Xbox – Redeem for free rewards
  • Mythic – Redeem for free rewards
  • demonking – Redeem for 20,000 Gold
  • fiftymill – Redeem for 20,000 Gold
  • ShyTemple – Redeem for 20,000 Gold
  • temple – Redeem for 20,000 Gold
  • PurpleFemTemple – Redeem for 10,000 Gold
  • SoulFarm – Redeem for 10,000 Gold
  • mumazingtemple – Redeem for 10,000 Gold
  • milotemple – Redeem for 10,000 Gold
  • azadtemple – Redeem for 10,000 Gold
  • austintemple – Redeem for 10,000 Gold
  • dantemple – Redeem for 10,000 Gold
  • GiantTofuu – Redeem for 10,000 Gold
  • StPatrick – Redeem for 10,000 Gold
  • RazorFishPets – Redeem for 5,000 Gold
  • AustinPets – Redeem for 2,500 Gold
  • AzadPets – Redeem for 2,500 Gold
  • PlanetMiloPets – Redeem for 2,500 Gold
  • Launch – Redeem for free rewards
  • Battle – Redeem for free rewards
  • Clover2020 – – Redeem for 2,000 Clovers
  • planetmilogaming – Redeem for 5,000 Gold
  • razorfishgaming – Redeem for 2,500 Gold
  • Tofuu – Redeem for free rewards
  • robzi – Redeem for free rewards
  • gravycatman – Redeem for free rewards
  • Arena – Redeem for free rewards
  • russoplays – Redeem for free rewards