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Here Are All the New Roblox Giant Simulator Codes For Free Gold, Eggs & Snowflakes [August 2021]

Giant Simulator is a competitive multiplayer game by Mithril Games, created for user-generated games platform ROBLOX. In the game, you compete to become the most powerful Giant in the world: you must become stronger, faster, and richer through a myriad of in-game features. Hunting better loot and finding rare pets as you level up to further turn yourself into the best player you can.

There’s a lot to this game and many different aspects to get your head around, so here’s a quick rundown of everything you need to know about ‘Giant Simulator’’.

The primary way to get more powerful in Giant Simulator is to level up. To do this, you’ll need to gain EXP (Experience Points) by clicking with a weapon equipped. The amount of EXP you receive from each click will depend on a couple of factors, including whichever artifacts, weapons, and pets you happen to be using.

Weapons are often distinguished by their ‘Level’ – the amount of cumulative EXP you must first have to equip them. You can acquire new weapons in three ways: opening chests, defeating bosses, or using gold to purchase them from the ‘legendary weapons giver.’

There are also five ‘Categories’ of weapons, which each grow exceedingly rare and more expensive:

  • Common (which cost 2.5 thousand gold),
  • Rare (5 thousand),
  • Epic (10 thousand),
  • Legendary (100 thousand), and
  • Mythic (50 million).

The rarer the weapon, the better it usually will be. ‘Better weapons means that they give more EXP per click, click faster, and do more damage to other players – setting you in good stead when it comes to becoming a Giants legend.

As well as weapons, players can find and equip ‘Artifacts,’ Giant Simulator’s version of the equipment. These items can be opened from loot boxes or purchased in the ‘Soul Gem Generator’ area with your accumulated quest points. ‘Artifacts’ can have many benefits, including boosting EXP gain, gold generation, or giving you a health boost. If you find a few versions of an Artifact you like, items can be ‘evolved.’ ‘Evolving’ an item involves combining five things of a kind to produce a new object with a significant stat increase. Similarly, pets are another in-game collectible that you can acquire through loot boxes or the Pet Seller in-game.

Although ‘gold’ is the primary currency in the game, other currencies like ‘Soul Gems,’ ‘Quest Points’ and seasonal currencies like ‘Snowflakes.’ These all serve different purposes in the game and have a variety of other methods for grinding. However, the best way to attain these items is by cleverly utilizing all the Giant Simulator promo codes currently available online. Lucky for you, we’ve put together the most comprehensive list out there:

Active Giant Simulator Codes

Here are all the currently available promo codes for Giant Simulator. These codes don’t last forever, so be sure to activate them ASAP and bookmark this page to stay up-to-date with new codes as they become available!

meatdept20,000 Gold
Evolution1,000 Eggs
EASTER20211,000 Eggs
Xbox25,000 Gold
Mythic100,000 Gold
Milo Evolved10,000 Gold
GiantNewYear500 Snowflakes
SNOWFLAKES500 Snowflakes
Milo Evolved10,000 Gold
AzadArtifacts0310,000 Gold
miloartifacts1310,000 Gold
Artifact500 Quest Points

Expired Giant Simulator Codes

These are all the codes that have recently become unavailable, meaning the developer has deactivated them or that they were time-sensitive and have now expired:

demonking20,000 Gold
fiftymill20,000 Gold
ShyTemple20,000 Gold
temple20,000 Gold
PurpleFemTemple10,000 Gold
SoulFarm10,000 Gold
mumazingtemple10,000 Gold
milotemple10,000 Gold
azadtemple10,000 Gold
austintemple10,000 Gold
dantemple10,000 Gold
GiantTofuu10,000 Gold
StPatrick10,000 Gold
RazorFishPets5,000 Gold
AustinPets2,500 Gold
AzadPets2,500 Gold
PlanetMiloPets2,500 Gold
Clover20202,000 Clovers
planetmilogaming5,000 Gold
razorfishgaming2,500 Gold
Tofuu5,000 Gold
robzi5,000 Gold
gravycatman5,000 Gold
Arena1,000 Gold
russoplays5,000 Gold

How To Redeem Giant Simulator Codes

It’s easy to redeem codes in Giant Simulator! Head over to the white ‘Twitter button’, decorated with a Twitter bird, and look for a large input box titled ‘Enter Code…” Click on that input box and copy in one of the fantastic promo codes we have above.

If you’re having trouble redeeming a certain code, remember to take note of when letters are capitalised and when they aren’t. These codes are case sensitive and feature letters, numbers, and even punctuation or symbols. Make sure that each code is entered exactly as listed and if you’re having any issues, feel free to check again! Hit the enter key again and enjoy your coins, weapons or artifacts!

How To Use Giant Simulator Items

While Giant Simulator promo codes can offer various forms of in-game currency and sometimes even items, weapons, and artifacts, more often than not, they will offer gold. There are multiple ways to attain gold in-game. A good strategy will put you in great stead to becoming a Giants legend:

There are many good ways to farm gold without promo codes, but the ‘Arena’ is usually a pretty good place to start. The ‘Arena’ mode is a PvP area, where players fight against one another aiming to place in the top 3.

The amount of gold you receive from Arena matches is based on completing quests related to placing, which artifacts or pets you have equipped, and how many times you’ve ‘rebirthed’ – the game’s version of a ‘prestige’ system.

Another good way to accumulate gold is by killing bosses, and a fan-favorite boss for farming is ‘Borock.’ When killed, this boss can drop a fair amount of gold. Borock can also drop any item below the ‘Mythic’ category: with a 50% chance at a standard weapon, 20% chance at a rare gun, 9% at an epic weapon, and a 1% chance at a legendary weapon. However, Borock won’t give them up without a fight. Before you do, you’d best work out how to counter his two primary attacks: Floor Spikes and Morning Star Bash. While Borock is an excellent boss to fight for items or gold, if you’re looking to take on a boss to attain Soul Gems, then you’d best head for the ‘Demon King.’

But any good strategy for making the most of your gold-attaining opportunities involves making intelligent use of promo codes. One tip could be to use promo code gold to purchase new artifacts, weapons, or pets to speed up your grinding. This will make every aspect of the game more efficient, especially considering how many mechanics you need to keep in mind at any one time.

And remember: new promo codes don’t come around all that often, so while it may seem wise to not redeem them until you have reason to use them, you should get used to catching every promo code as soon as you can to make sure it doesn’t deactivate before you get a chance to input it. Take all these tips to heart, and you’ll be on your way to becoming a ‘Giant Legend’ in no time!

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