Eluard – Protector of Souls Skills, Signature Item & Furniture

Eluard Lightbearer mage afk arena

Faction: Lightbearers Class: Mage Role: AoE Type: Intelligence Read also: AFK Arena codes Eluard Skills Sanctimony Eluard immediately creates a Divine Shield that has a value equal to 180% of his max health. If Eluard already possesses a Divine Shield, he consumes it to deal damage equal to 20% of the consumed shield’s value to all enemies. Damage dealt cannot exceed 500% … Read more

How to Play AFK Arena on PC or Mac for Free

afk arena bluestacks emulator on pc and mac

Suppose you are like me; you probably want to stream on Twitch or record YouTube videos while playing AFK Arena. This is, of course, better done from your pc rather than your mobile phone. Since AFK Arena is an Android and iOS game, you will need an Android emulator to play AFK Arena on a … Read more

AFK Arena Artifacts Guide – Here Are the Best Artifacts for Each Hero

AFK Arena Artifacts Guide and Priorities

What are AFK Arena Artifacts? AFK Arena Artifacts are unique trinkets found in the Peaks of Time or Trials of God event maps that can be equipped onto your heroes to boost their stats and imbue them with powers unique to each artifact. This post serves both as an artifact tier list and a guide for the best artifacts … Read more

AFK Arena – Respen, the Windchild, has arrived

respen afk arena

Respen is here and he seems to be a very interesting character to complement the rest of the Wilders faction. AFK Arena bountiful trials guide (including Respen) AFK Arena redemption codes 2021 AFK Arena Guild Hunting guide (Wrizz & Soren) Respen’s skills Wind Spiral Respen manifests a Wind Swallow every 3 seconds, which encircle himself … Read more

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