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Here are the Latest Active Combat Rift Promo Codes [July 2021]

This post rounds up the latest Combat Rift codes that provide you with free gems, coins, boosts, and other gifts. Grab the codes below, follow the instructions to redeem them, and get started on your Roblox adventure.

Combat Rift is an RPG game from developer Crafty Savage on the Roblox platform released on April 27, 2020. Players fight their way through monsters, leveling up and discovering new worlds along the way.

You may also discover powerful items such as rare swords, sell skulls to acquire coins, and hatch pets with gems you acquire from killing monsters. Your goal is, of course, to reach max level and climb the leaderboards of the game.

You can enhance your experience further by grabbing the Combat Rift codes below.

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Combat Rift Codes

Active Codes List:

  • AlchemyEvent
  • LimitedRewardsOP
  • AuraStats – three times damage boost (new!)
  • COMINGSOON – three times skull boost
  • EXTINCTION – two times luck boost
  • truewarior – lots of boost
  • FutureZone – two times luck boost
  • WeekendEvent – three times coin boost
  • LuckyBoost – lots of boosts
  • NewDungeon – lots of boosts
  • S3CRET 
  • CR4LIFE 
  • to50m
  • 10MBoost
  • ExtraPetStorage
  • PotionHype 
  • Update6
  • AuraHype
  • Update5
  • Update4
  • 20KLikes
  • 2.5MVisits
  • TwitterHype
  • 2.5KLIKES
  • Update2
  • Update3

Expired Codes List

  • 10Mplayz
  • ExtraSwordStorage
roblox combat rift codes

How to Redeem Combat Rift Codes

Here’s how to redeem codes in Combat Rift:

  • Launch Combat Rift
  • Tap the Twitter icon on the right of the screen
  • Copy and paste your code
  • Tap ‘Redeem’

How to Get More Combat Rift Codes

You can follow @LordWasteds and @Thynkle to get codes as soon as Crafty Savage releases them. Alternatively, you can bookmark our post and check it regularly!

Game Description on Roblox

Welcome to Combat Rift! ⚔️

⚗️ NEW ALCHEMIST! (Ends Friday!) - Located at Spawn
🐉 Alchemist Offers Rare items in return for Completing Quests!
📜 30 Quests to Complete!
✨ Lots of Boost Rewards!
🐛 Bug Fixes!

🚨Previous Update:
⚗️ POTION Rebalance!
✨ BALANCE Changes!

USE CODES: AlchemyEvent + LimitedRewardsOP

How to Play:
👹 Battle monsters!
💎 Discover Rare Swords!
💰 Sell skulls to get coins from the chest!
☠️ Reach Max level!
🥇 Climb The Leaderboards!
👑 Discover New Worlds!
🐾 Hatch Pets with gems from Killing Monsters!

⭐ Favorite, Follow, and Like the game to show support! ⭐

⚜️ Join the Group: "Crafty Savage" for Group chest and Tag! ⚜️
🐦 Follow @LordWasteds on Twitter for news! 🐦
🔔 Hit the follow button to be notified of updates first! 🔔
Thank you! 
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