Warframe Prime Release Order Past and Upcoming

Warframe Prime Release Order: Past & Upcoming Prime Warframes

In this post, you will find the full Warframe Prime release order timeline, starting from the first one, along with some speculation about the upcoming Prime release order. Excalibur Prime was the first Prime Warframe released back in 2012, and the latest one is Gara Prime, released on May 25, 2021.

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Upcoming Warframe Prime Release Schedule

Warframe Primes are released in sequences of two females, followed by two males. We've had two females so far in 2021, so the upcoming two will be males. We can only speculate the release dates but based on the existing intervals, there is a gap of a little over three months between each Warframe Prime release. Also, there has never been a Warframe Prime release in January.

Since Gara Prime came out on May 25th, 2021, the next Prime Warframe may be released in early September, leaving just enough time for a fourth Prime release in late December 2021.

So I'm only speculating here, but it is quite possible that we can get four Prime Warframes in 2021, three in 2022, and four more in 2023. I have no idea about the validity of the upcoming release order, but it seems to be around a lot.

WARFRAMEPossible Release DateTYPE
Nidus PrimeFall 2021Male
Harrow PrimeWinter 2021Male
Khora PrimeSpring 2022Female
Garuda PrimeSummer 2022Female
Revenant PrimeFall 2022Male
Baruuk PrimeSpring 2023Male
Hildryn PrimeSummer 2023Female
Wisp PrimeFall 2023Female
Gauss PrimeWinter 2023Male
Grendel PrimeSpring 2024Male

Warframe Prime Releases in 2021

Warframe Gara Prime Latest Release

For 2021, so far, there has been 3 Warframe released, 2 being Prime.

Prime Warframe Release Date UPDATEGender
Gara PrimeMay 25, 202130.3Female
Octavia PrimeFebruary 23, 202129.9Female

Warframe Prime Releases in 2020

Below you will find information about the 3 Prime Warframes released in 2020.

Prime WarframeRelease DateUPDATEGender
Nezha PrimeOctober 27, 202029.3Male
Inaros PrimeJuly 14, 202028.2Male
Titania PrimeMarch 31, 202027.3.6Female

Warframe Prime Releases in 2019

Below you will find information about the four Prime Warframes released in 2019:

WarframeRelease DateIntroduced in VersionGender
Ivara PrimeDecember 17, 201927.0.4Female
Atlas PrimeOctober 1, 201925.8Male
Wukong PrimeJuly 6, 201925.3Male
Equinox PrimeApril 2, 201924.5.8Female
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Warframe Prime Releases in 2018

Below you will find information about the four plus one Prime Warframes released in 2018. The Excalibur Umbra Prime was released exclusively in China as compensation for the lack of Excalibur Prime (the first Prime Warframe), which is Global-only:

WarframeRelease DateIntroduced in VersionGender
Mesa PrimeDecember 18, 201824.2.2Female
Chroma PrimeSeptember 25, 201823.9Male
Limbo PrimeJune 19, 201823.0.3Male
Excalibur Umbra PrimeJune 15, 201823.0 (Chinese Founder Pack)Male
Zephyr PrimeMarch 20, 201822.16.4Female

Warframe Prime Releases in 2017

Below you will find information about all four Prime Warframes released in 2017:

Mirage PrimeDecember 12, 201722.7Female
Hydroid PrimeAugust 29, 201721.6Male
Oberon PrimeMay 30, 201720.6.2Male
Banshee PrimeFebruary 28, 201719.11.5Female

Warframe Prime Releases in 2016

Below you will find information about the three Prime Warframes released in 2016:

Valkyr PrimeNovember 22, 201619.07Female
Nekros PrimeAugust 23, 2016TSG 3.0, part of 19Male
Vauban PrimeMay 17, 201618.12Male

Warframe Prime Releases in 2015

Below you will find information about the three Prime Warframes released in 2015:

Trinity PrimeOctober 6, 201517.6Female
Ash PrimeJuly 7, 201516.11Male
Volt PrimeMarch 25, 201516.1Male

Warframe Prime Releases in 2014

Below you will find information about the three Prime Warframes released in 2014:

Nova PrimeDecember 17, 201415.7Female
Nyx PrimeSeptember 24, 201414.8Female
Loki PrimeJune 11, 201413.7Male
Rhino PrimeMarch 5, 201412.4Male

Warframe Prime Releases in 2013

Below you will find information about the three Prime Warframes released in 2013:

Ember PrimeNovember 20, 201311.0Female
Mag PrimeSeptember 13, 201310.0Female
Frost PrimeMay 23, 20138.0Male

Warframe Prime Releases in 2012

Below you will find information about the first Prime Warframe, released in 2012:

Excalibur PrimeDecember 18, 20125.0Male
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