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Build a Boat For Treasure Codes – Free Coins, Blocks and More [August 2021]

In this post, you will find our list of all the latest Roblox Build a Boat for Treasure codes. Build a Boat for Treasure is a Roblox game in which the players' objective is to build a boat and reach the end of the map to acquire treasure. Players can even form teams and collaborate to complete quests. Build a Boat for Treasure was created by Chillz Studios on November 2, 2016, and it is one of the most popular games on the platform with more than 1.7 billion visits.

If you are a Build a Boat for treasure fan, our codes list will come in handy here as they will provide you with gold and free blocks to build your boat, along with several cosmetic rewards. You can also join the game's Roblox group to enjoy even more exclusive perks!

What are Build a Boat for Treasure Codes?

Build a Boat for Treasure codes are released occasionally by the developer to celebrate popularity milestones (likes, favorites, and visits) and new updates. These promo codes provide players with a lot of in-game freebies including gold, free blocks, and cosmetics like balloons and fireworks. Occasionally, you may also be rewarded with a treasure chest!

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Now let's get to the codes themselves!

Here are All the Build a Boat for Treasure Codes

Active Codes (Working)

Here are all the currently available promo codes. Make sure to redeem them fast, before they expire! Check this page frequently as we will always keep it up-to-date with the latest codes. We will keep updating this post with all the latest codes we find on the Internet.

Note: Keep in mind that in this game sometimes developers reactive old promo codes and they become redeemable again.

There are no currently active Build a Boat for Treasure codes.

Expired Codes

Below you will find all the currently expired codes:

Hi5 Gold
Lurking LegendBlocks
Be a big f00t printBlocks
chillthrill709 was hereBlocks
fuzzy friend?Blocks
Squid Army22x Ice, 22x Gold
=D5 Gold
=P5 Gold
Free giftsGifts
voted codeBlocks
Lurking Code10 Balloons, 5 Super Fireworks, Portal Block
1M LikesBlocks
Big F00t Print10 Balloons, 5 Cakes, 25 Neon Blocks
The Sasquatch?10 Balloons, 5 Super Fireworks, 1 Portal Block
FireworksBlocks (I expected fireworks here)
2M membersBlocks
Hatched codeCookie Wheels
Happy EasterBalloons, Candy, & Cake
BBBOOOAAATTTSSS!!!Boat Motor, Car Seat, 4 Wood Blocks
The Yeti25 Green Presents, 25 Neon Blocks
Cold Feet25 Green Presents, 25 Neon Blocks
500M Visits4 Portals, 5 Cakes, 25 Balloons, 20 Star Blocks
Veterans Day10 Banners, 10 Star Blocks, 10 Balloons, 5 Circle Fireworks, 5 Cluster Fireworks, 5 Super Fireworks
testStar Block
huge treasure chestHarpoon, White Thruster, Star Balloon
tasty treasureCake, 10 Fireworks, 100 Gold
baffling butter10 Levers, Glue
t-rex20 Star Balloons
fast potato50 Gold, Thruster
moldy bread15x Bread
fat rainbowFirework (15)
friendly t-rexStar Balloon (20)
cill trillYellow Chest (4)
fabulous fabricFabric (5)
ice popsIce (5)
fire+workFirework (5)
code fissionGlue (1), TNT (1)
up aboveStar Blocks (5)
leescodeIce (10), Fireworks (7), TNT (2), Star Block (2), Foil (10), Brick (5)
code fashionFabric (10)
october squidFirework (5), Button (1), Glue (1), Metal seat (1)
chill says hiBread (3)
the official butterGlue (5), Candy (3), Glass (10), Lamp (2)
twisted treatHalloween Thruster
new planesJet Turbine, Pilot Seat
early giftYellow Present
gifts galore5 Yellow Presents
200M visitsGreen Present, 150 Gold
sorryfortheping250 Gold
Christmas hype20 Yellow Presents
Christmas tree40x Grass, 20x Wood, Star
Friendly Gingerbread Man50x Sand, Green Present
Happy holidays5 Yellow Present, 15 Fireworks, 2x Glass
On the 22nd day of Christmas10 Yellow Presents, 2 Green Presents
Reindeer5 Cakes, 20 Balloons, 5 Yellow Presents
Christmas EveBlue Present, Green Present, 10 Yellow Presents, 5 Star Blocks
Merry ChristmasMega Thruster, Ice, Neon Block
Happy New YearBalloons (20)
Star Block (19)
2019 Fireworks (3 of each type)
Code FuzionBalloons (15)
Cake (10)
Star Block (3)
Firework (5)
Expired Codest list

How to Redeem Build a Boat for Treasure Codes

Redeeming codes in Build a Boat for Treasure is very easy. Here are the steps to redeem codes in the game:

  • Open the game and start playing.
  • Click the Menu icon on the right of your game screen.
  • In the pop-menu click the Settings icon (the one with the 2 cog wheels).
  • Next, in the settings menu, scroll down until you reach the Redeem Code section.
  • Type in or Copy & Paste one of the working into the “Code” input text field of the pop-up window and press the Redeem button.
  • If the code is still active you will redeem your rewards. Otherwise you will see an “INVALID” notice.

Build a Boat for Treasure codes are not case-sensitive.

Where to Find More Codes

You can get the latest codes from the game's Twitter account and you can join the Chillz Studios' official discord server. Alternatively, you will find all the latest codes here on Borderpolar!

Game Description on Roblox

Build your ship and set sail for your adventure!

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