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Coin Master Free Spins – Today’s Free Coin Master Spins

In this post, you will find all the latest Coin Master free spins links as soon as they are released. Our list will provide the latest and currently active Coin Master free spins in 2021.

Coin Master is developed by Moon Active, which has now released its successor, Pet Master, a game with similar mechanics and equally addictive. You can also get your daily Pet Master free spins links from Borderpolar!

Coin Master is an addictive mobile game by design, so keep that in mind before you start playing.

However, the best way to prevent that addiction from going wild on your wallet is to maximize the free stuff you can get when playing Coin Master.

Thankfully Moon Active runs many promotions, including the daily free spins links and email gifts.

Coin Master's daily links offer both free spins and free coins.

You can also read my beginners' Coin Master guide for tips and tricks.

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First of all, remember that free spins links stay active for three days. Thus, you don't have plenty of time to click them and get the rewards!

September 16th (Today)

September 15th

September 14th

Also, check this page multiple times per day to ensure you don't miss any daily free spins links!

Keep in mind that the amount of coins differs based on your current village level and the values.

Coin Master Twitter Free Spins Giveaways

Tip: When switching back and forth from our post to Coin Master, stay on the game's village screen.

This way, you will skip the +10 spins animation to play before claiming the next code.

You also have a chance of winning coins and spins by retweeting posts from the official Coin Master account or replying to them.

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How to Get Free Coin Master Cards

This is a prevalent question most players ask. Unfortunately, there are no links that reward you with cards.

Coin master cards need to be traded between players in the game so make sure to have a large pool of friends to improve your odds.

How to Get Free Spins in Coin Master?

There are several ways to get free spins in Coin Master, including:

  • Using the daily free spins links from social media and
  • Watching video ads in-game
  • Signing up for the mail subscription to receive gifts and free spin links in your mailbox
  • The Affiliate program provides extra links as an incentive for websites to promote the game
  • Referral Program: Inviting your friends to the game will reward you with 40 free spins
  • Receiving free spin gifts from other players
  • Leveling up your village
  • Getting spins as rewards from the slot machine
  • Participating in events
  • Completing card collections
  • Waiting for your spins to refill. Duh!
  • Follow Coin Master on social media.

Each day, Moon Active, the mobile game's developer, provides many links that you can follow to get your hands on Coin Master free spins. You can follow Coin Master on Facebook or Twitter. We do the curation for you here.

Watching In-game Video Ads

In the past, you could watch ad videos and be rewarded with free spins. However, I am not sure whether this method still works.

Subscribe to the Newsletter

You can subscribe to the newsletter following the in-game instruction, and you will receive daily free spins links.

Referral Program

This method involves the players directly! When you invite a friend who successfully joins the game's community through Facebook, you’ll get 40 Coin Master free spins, which is considerable.

Note that your friends don’t even have actually to play the game.

All they need to do is download Coin Master and log in via their Facebook account to get you the free spins. 

Receiving Daily Free Spin Gifts From Friends

Players can send 1 free spin per friend daily. Since each player can have 100 friends, make sure you have 100 active players as friends to get 100 free spins as gifts daily. Make sure also to be active and reward your friends with the 100 free spins you can send.

Leveling Up Your Village

Leveling up your village rewards you with a lot of coins and spins. Moreover, the higher the level of the village you complete, the more spins you will get!

Get Free Spins by Spinning Special Even Slot Machines

On occasion, a second slot machine will appear in the game during certain events. You can spin this slot machine using coins instead of spins, and it also rewards you with spins when you complete challenges!

Free Deals

Coin Master constantly offers deals that offer discounts when you buy coins and spins. However, one of the deals is a free one that rewards you with several spins.

Complete Card Sets & Collections

While this task requires a lot of commitment, completing a collection will get you a spin and coin rewards. Gold card sets are even more rewarding!

Spin the Slot Machine

The most obvious way, of course. Spin the slot machine and make bets to earn a ton of spins!


This may sound like the most useless advice ever, but the point is simple. Your spins replenish at a 5 spins per hour rate until you hit the 50-spin cap. Make sure always to spend your spins. Also, try to no stay away from the game for more than 10 hours.

This is the best way to avoid wasting any spins (a great method to get you hooked).


Yes, the daily links that we include at the top of this page expire after three days following their original release.

Can I Get Free Spins From the Daily Wheel of Fortune?

No. The daily wheel of fortune only gifts players free coins.

Are There Cheats for Coin Master?

No. Instead, you will find many blogs and websites promising Coin Master unlimited free spins and other free rewards.

However, these websites run schemes, CPA ads and app downloads/survey completions, and other sketchy advertising methods to make money from nothing. Be careful and never share any personal information on these websites.

Does Coin Master Offer Promo Codes?

While Coin Master offers several ways to obtain gifts and free rewards, other mobile games' promo code mechanisms do not. When people search free spins codes for the game, they are actually looking for free spins links.

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