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Among Us Character Guide – All You Need To Know About the Among Us Characters

As Among Us keeps rising in popularity, there are a ton of questions regarding the story behind the game and especially its characters, the little cute creatures running around to save or sabotage their spaceships, space stations, Mira's HQ, and last but not least, the Airship.

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Who are the Among Us Characters

The characters in the space-themed social deduction game Among Us are the crew members of a spaceship or alien imposters disguised as crewmembers. Among is a 2018 multiplayer game based on teamwork and… betrayal, as its developer Innersloth states.

In Among Us, game rounds consist of 4-10 players connected online or on LAN, where the goal of the crewmates is to save the spaceship and guarantee a safe trip back home. However, the games include 1-3 alien imposters whose goal is to kill all other crew members.

The characters in Among Us look identical to one another, with their uniform color being the only exception. They are humanoid creatures (humans & humanoid aliens), wearing full-body spacesuits and carrying small oxygen tanks that look like backpacks.

The little creatures are crewmembers of a spaceship invaded by a strange and deadly imposter. They’re humanoid creatures with a portly appearance, and they wear full-body spacesuits and small backpacks. The backpack’s purpose is unclear, though our best guess is that it’s an oxygen tank of some kind.

The crewmembers' tasks vary depending on the map, including throwing out the spaceship's garbage, performing a med scan on another crew member, fixing the spaceship's shields, destroying asteroids, fixing electrical wiring, aligning the engine output, or diverting power from one mechanism to another and more.

If you want to jump into Among Us, I recommend you read our ultimate Among Us guide.

The Among Us Characters and their Abilities

The Among Us characters don't have any backstories, nor any names. The players can input their character's names. Among Us also offers some character customization features beyond changing a character's name.

You can change your character's color of the space bodysuit or add cosmetics, including hats, skins, and pets, in the lobby area before the start of a game.

The only role distinction in Among Us is that of the crew members (the main protagonists) and the imposter(s) (the villains). Each specific role provides the individual character with different abilities.

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Among Us character abilities table

List of Among Us Characters [July 2021]

The only way to distinguish the characters is the color of their spacesuits. Since there are 18 available spacesuit colors, there are 18 Among Us characters.

Since the June 15 patch in 2021, Among us supports 15-player lobbies. To cover the requirement for at least 15 different character colors, Innersloth added 6 new colors to the original 12; tan, gray, banana, rose, maroon, and coral.

Here is the list of the 18 characters/colors available right now:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Cyan
  • Green
  • Lime
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Red
  • White
  • Yellow
  • Tan,
  • Gray
  • Banana
  • Rose
  • Maroon
  • Coral

In-game Character Appearance

If the player is a Crewmate, all characters will display their names in white above their heads.

If the player is chosen as an Impostor by RNG, then other Impostors will see their names (including their own) as colored red while crewmates will see them as white. Players can pick character names before the game starts in the lobby.

If a player is eliminated by normal gameplay, they will turn into a ghost. Ghosts look the same as living characters, with a ghost tail instead of legs, and they are transparent. Their currently chosen skin and cosmetics will not be displayed.

All that will be left behind at the scene of the murder will be a decapitated corpse featuring only the bottom part of the body and the spine sticking out of it.


The simplistic design of Among Us has raised a ton of questions around the characters and the game's lore.

Are Among Us characters humans or aliens?

The Among Us characters seem humanoid, but they are missing arms in all their appearances. Whether that is just part of aesthetics and fans, read too much on every detail of the game, or there is a story behind this design choice remains to be seen.

While they appear to be armless, a lot of the tasks each Among Us character can perform imply humanoid abilities and the use of hands.

Their hands are also not visible when not in use and only show up in certain scenarios, suspended in mid-air, and can even appear and disappear at will. Or, you know, that's just how animations work.

Personally, I believe these creatures are just humans or were meant to be, and they were designed this way for simplicity and cuteness (win-win). This is a question similar to whether Super Mario is a human or a dwarf, and I don't believe the developers originally expected to dig that deep.

Many official Twitter posts from Among Us developers debase the theory that Crewmates are humans. Riding the buzz?

The game's massive success, which propelled it to the mainstream stage, has posed Innersloth with a unique opportunity since 2020 to develop a story behind Among Us with some potential spins and twists. So let's wait and see.

How do I change my Among Us character?

When you join an Among Us game in the pre-game lobby, you will find a laptop that allows you to change and customize your character's appearance. You can select any color that is not used by someone else and decide which cosmetic items you want to dress your character with. That's the only way to do change your character's looks.

Can I always be the Impostor in Among Us?

No, you cannot really control this decision, but there is a theory that you can increase the odds by constantly changing character colors until the game starts.

What are among us crewmates called?

The crewmates don't have individual names other than the ones selected by players before the game starts. They are collectively referred to as “the Crew.”

Can you make your own Among Us character?

Among us character avatar creator
Among Us avatar Source: Among Us Avatar Creator

Not put, you can use the Among Us avatar creator website to create unique avatars to use in the game and beyond it.

Among Us Characters Popularity Rankings [Original 12 Colors]

Time for some popularity rankings, which so far include the original colors as the introduction of extra 6 is relatively fresh at this point. Here is the popularity list:

  1. Red
  2. Black
  3. White
  4. Cyan
  5. Yellow
  6. Blue
  7. Pink
  8. Purple
  9. Orange
  10. Lime
  11. Brown
  12. Green
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