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Bubble Gum Simulator Codes – Roblox [August 2021]

In this post, you will find all the latest Bubble Gum Simulator codes on Roblox. Our list contains all the latest active codes you can redeem for heaps of luck and hatch speed boosts. Bubble Gum Simulator is a game created by Rumble Studios and released on Roblox on October 23, 2018. The goal for players in the experience is to collect coins to buy better bubble gum, flavors, and faces. The bigger your bubble gets, the higher you can jump. You can also open eggs and hat boxes, obtaining pets and hats to give boosts for farming various currencies.

Promo codes are released constantly for Bubble Gum Simulator, and there are actually a ton of active ones providing players with luck multiplier boosts, and hatch speed boosts. You can also get many cosmetic rewards, but the boosts will help you survive the endless grind without emptying your wallet.

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Now let's get to the codes themselves!

All the Latest Bubble Gum Simulator Codes

Below you will find both the latest active codes along with all expired ones. Typically I would advise you to redeem them as soon as possible, before they expire, but most of the codes seem to never expire.

Complete Codes List (Working)

Here are all the currently working codes:

Glitch6 hours of 2x LuckUpdate756 hours of 2x Hatch Speed
Easter216 hours of 2x LuckUpdate746 hours of 2x Hatch Speed
Luckiest6 hours of 2x LuckUpdate736 hours of 2x Hatch Speed
StPatrickLuck6 hours of 2x LuckUpdate726 hours of 2x Hatch Speed
BlizzyrdBest3 hours of 2x LuckSylentlyBest2 hours of 2x Hatch Speed
hiddenvideocode2 hours of 2x LuckUpdate716 hours of 2x Luck
Valentine6 hours of 2x Hatch SpeedLuckyCode2 hours of 2x Luck
RumbleStream2 hours of 2x Hatch SpeedBlizzyWizzy2 hours of 2x Luck
BGSStream2 hours of 2x Hatch SpeedUpdate704 hours of 2x Luck
Royalty4 hours of 2x Hatch SpeedUpdate684 hours of 2x Luck
20204 hours of 2x Hatch SpeedSANTACLAUS3 hours of 2x Hatch Speed
CHRISTMASSTREAM2 hours of 2x Hatch SpeedSUPERBOOST3 hours of 2x Luck
JollyChristmas26 hours of 2x Hatch SpeedJollyChristmas6 hours of 2x Luck
ChristmasPart23 hours of 2x Hatch SpeedUpdate673 hours of 2x Luck
Christmas20202 hours of 2x LuckEpicSecretCode3 hours of 2x Luck
BGSXMAS3 hours of 2x Hatch SpeedJonathan2 hours of 2x Luck
KingSlimeGang2 hours of 2x LuckKingMushGang2 hours of 2x Hatch Speed
ChristmasHype2 hours of 2x LuckHappyHolidays2 hours of 2x Hatch Speed
RUDOLPH2 hours of 2x LuckMILKANDCOOKIES2 hours of 2x Hatch Speed
StreamLuck2 hours of 2x LuckCANDYCANE2 hours of 2x Hatch Speed
StreamSpeed2 hours of 2x Hatch SpeedShinyStream2 hours of 3x Shiny Chance
MythicStream2 hours of 3x Mythic ChanceSecretVideoCode2 hours of 2x Hatch Speed
Update652 hours of 2x LuckSplit2 hours of 2x Hatch Speed
SylentlyOP2 hours of 2x LuckFreeSpeedBoost2 hours of 2x Hatch Speed
YouTubeLuck3 hours of 2x LuckBlizzyrdOP2 hours of 2x Hatch Speed
SuperSecretCode3 hours of 2x LuckYouTubeSpeed2 hours of 2x Hatch Speed
SpookyCode2 hours of 2x Luck300k2 hours of 2x Luck
Youtube2 hours of 2x Hatch SpeedGhosts2 hours of 2x Hatch Speed
Update642 hours of 2x LuckCostume2 hours of 2x Hatch Speed
Update632 hours of 2x LuckFreeDominusPetSpookivus
SpookyHalloween5 hours of 2x Hatch SpeedAutumnSale5 hours of 2x Luck
AutumnSale25 hours of 2x Hatch SpeedUpdate615 hours of 2x Luck
Autumn5 hours of 2x Hatch SpeedUpdate6016 hours of 2x Luck
Citrus16 hours of 2x Hatch SpeedUpdate592 hours of 2x Luck
Vacation2 hours of 2x Hatch SpeedUpdate582 hours of 2x Luck
Carnival22 hours of 2x Hatch SpeedUpdate572 hours of 2x Luck
Carnival2 hours of 2x Hatch SpeedMegaLuckBoost12 hours of 2x Luck
MegaSpeedBoost12 hours of 2x Hatch SpeedUpdate552 hours of 2x Luck
SuperSale2 hours of 2x Hatch SpeedUpdate546 hours of 2x Luck
Shadow6 hours of 2x Hatch SpeedUpdate532 hours of 2x Luck
Meteor2 hours of 2x Hatch SpeedUpdate522 hours of 2x Luck
Vine2 hours of 2x Hatch SpeedUpdate516 hours of 2x Luck
Spring6 hours of 2x Hatch SpeedUpdate502 hours of 2x Luck
Mythic2 hours of 2x Hatch SpeedUpdate492 hours of 2x Luck
Merchant2 hours of 2x Hatch SpeedUpdate482 hours of 2x Hatch Speed
Season 8 (Space included)2 hours of 2x LuckUpdate472 hours of 2x Hatch Speed
Eeaster2020 (Typo included)2 hours of 2x LuckUpdate462 hours of 2x Hatch Speed
Mushroom2 hours of 2x LuckUpdate452 hours of 2x Hatch Speed
Mystic2 hours of 2x LuckSeason72 hours of 2x Hatch Speed
NewEgg2 hours of 2x LuckChallenges2 hours of 2x Hatch Speed
Galactic2 hours of 2x LuckPortal2 hours of 2x Luck
LuckyDay22 hours of 2x Hatch SpeedFreeSpeed2 hours of 2x Hatch Speed
MegaSale2 hours of 2x Luck600M2 hours of 2x Luck
600MBoost2 hours of 2x Hatch SpeedValentines4 hours of 2x Luck
Cupid4 hours of 2x Hatch SpeedsircfennerNoob2 hours of 2x Luck
Part22 hours of 2x Hatch SpeedClown4 hours of 2x Luck
Circus2 hours of 2x Hatch SpeedChristmasBoost4 hours of 2x Hatch Speed
HammieIsBadAtRocketLeague4 hours of 2x LuckFreeHatchSpeed3 hours of 2x Hatch Speed
Season33 hours of 2x LuckHalloween3 hours of 2x Luck
TrickOrTreat3 hours of 2x Hatch SpeedPass15 minutes of 2x Hatch Speed
Secrets15 minutes of 3x Shiny ChanceBubblePass15 minutes of 2x Luck
Fancy15 minutes of 3x Shiny ChanceFancy215 minutes of 2x Luck
ReallyFancy15 minutes of 2x Hatch Speed2hourluck2 hours of 2x Luck
July4th15 minutes of 2x LuckUncleSam15 minutes of 3x Shiny Chance
Fireworks15 minutes of 2x Hatch SpeedSummer15 minutes of 2x Hatch Speed
Colorful15 minutes of 3x Shiny ChanceNewWorld15 minutes of 2x Luck
Kraken15 minutes of 2x Luck400m15 minutes of 2x Hatch Speed
Thanks15 minutes of 3x Shiny ChanceMythical20 minutes of 3x Shiny Chance
Tomcat5 minutes of 2x Hatch SpeedAncientTimes15 minutes of 3x Shiny Chance
InThePast15 minutes of 2x Hatch SpeedOcean20 minutes of 2x Luck
AtlantisHats15 minutes of 2x Hatch SpeedSecretLuckCode15 minutes of 2x Luck
Bunny15 minutes of 2x Hatch SpeedChocolateEgg15 Minutes 3x Shiny Chance
HappyEaster15 minutes of 2x LuckLostCity20 minutes of 2x Luck
UnderTheSea15 minutes of 2x LuckPoseidon15 minutes of 2x Hatch Speed
Special15 minutes of 2x Hatch SpeedUpdate2115 minutes of 2x Luck
UltraSpeed15 minutes of 2x Hatch SpeedFREE15 minutes of 2x Hatch Speed
ThankYou15 minutes of 2x Luck300M15 minutes of 2x Hatch Speed
SpeedyBoi15 minutes of 2x Hatch SpeedStPatricks15 minutes of 2x Luck
BriteJuice5 minutes of 2x LuckSecretCode15 minutes of 2x Luck
SpeedBoost15 minutes of 2x Hatch Speedsircfenneriscool15 minutes of 2x Luck
SuperBeach15 minutes of 2x LuckBeachBoost15 minutes of 2x Hatch Speed
superspeed15 minutes of 2x Hatch SpeedUpdate1615 minutes of 2x Luck
LuckyDay30 minutes of 2x LuckFreeBoost30 minutes of 2x Hatch Speed
SylentlyIsCool15 minutes of 2x Hatch SpeedSuperLuck15 minutes of 2x Luck
DeeterPlays5,000 BlocksSuperSecret15 minutes of 2x Hatch Speed
SecretBoost10 minutes of 2x Hatch SpeedExtraLuck10 minutes of 2x Luck
SecretPetToy Serpentpinkarmypet5,000 Gems
FreePetTwitter DominusMoreCandy4,000 Candy
Candy1,000 CandyBlueCrew5,000 Gems
Twiisted5,000 GemsSanta2,000 Candy Canes
Sylently10,000 Candy CanesChristmas5,000 Candy Canes
CandyCanes100 Candy CanesSuperCoins1,000 Coins
SuperGems100 GemsSpottedSpotted Egg
FreeCoins150 CoinsLotsOfGems25 Gems
FreeEggSpotted EggTwitterReleaseTwitter Egg (Twitter Doggy)
SircfennerSpotted EggTofuu5,000 Coins
ObscureEntity500 CoinsMinime2,500 Coins
TwitchReleaseTwitch KittyGolemiteTwitch Golem
Bubble Gum Simulator codes full list

(Note: Twitch Codes are currently unredeemable even if Rumble Studio starts live streams again – they currently don't stream anymore, but the whole state of Twitch codes may change in the future)

Inactive Codes List (Expired)

All the codes below have already expired:

How to Redeem Bubble Gum Simulator Codes

how to redeem bubble gum simulator codes
Redeem codes by clicking the CODES button with the Twitter icon Source: Roblox

To redeem Bubble Gum Simulator codes, you can follow the steps below:

  • Launch the game.
  • In the main menu click the Codes button with the Twitter icon on the left-hand side of your screen.
  • In the new window enter an active code in the “Code Here” input text field.
  • Press Enter to redeem the code.
  • Enjoy your rewards!

What are Bubble Gum Simulator Codes?

They are codes the game’s developer releases way too frequently compared to other Roblox games/experiences and they provide players with a lot of hatch speed boosts, luck boosts, and many free cosmetic rewards. Some of the rewards are Twitch

Where to Find More Codes

To begin with, codes can come from Twitter (IsaacRBLX), Discord (rumble), or Twitch (rumble_studios) accounts. These promo codes are not case sensitive.

Furthermore, by subscribing to the Rumble Studios YouTube account and adding their channel ID into your account's Benefits tab, you can unlock special perks, such as an exclusive pet, 250 inventory slots, a special title, and 12 hours of luck and hatch speed boosts. Pretty neat!

Game Description on Roblox

Super Luck Event:
🍀 2x Luck
⏫ 2x Hatch Speed
💪 2x Mythic Chance
✨ 2x Shiny Chance

🚨 UPDATE 76 🚨
🏆 New Bubble Pass for season 21!
🏆 Complete the season and earn awesome rewards!
🥚 New egg in the Shadow Realm (Golf Egg)
🐶 14 new pets!
🔥 ??
🎮 Bug fixes

Subscribe to the Rumble Studios YouTube channel to redeem exclusive rewards, including a special pet, more inventory space, and free boosts! 👍 Tutorial: https://youtu.be/NweUYpsrS3c

Welcome to Bubble Gum Simulator! Blow bubbles to reach new heights in the clouds. Sell your bubbles or collect coins to buy upgrades! Hatch pets as companions to help you on your adventure.

A game by Rumble Studios.

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