Dead By Daylight The Huntress Guide | 3 Powerful Tips for The Best DBD Huntress Build

Anna, A.K.A The Huntress was released July 27, 2017, in Chapter V: A Lullaby for the Dark alongside David King and a new map called Red Forest. The Huntress was the first-ever ranged character to enter the Dead By Daylight Killers roster. And she remains one of the best ranged Killers to this day. Her … Read more

DBD Best Survivor Perks Tier List – Top 10 Survivor Perks

You want to use these perks to maximize your chances of Survival in Dead by Daylight! There are many Survivor perks available in Dead By Daylight. Most can be unlocked by leveling up or the Shrine of Secrets. Few require DLC-only characters that must be paid for with cold, hard cash. The sheer number of … Read more

DBD Ranks Explained – Rank Rewards, Grade Rewards, And More!

DBD Rank and Grade Rewards Dead by Daylight All the information regarding rewards, ranks, and grades for killers and survivors is explained. Learn how to get loads of free bloodpoints! DBD Ranks And Grade Rewards All Rewards Both Killers and Survivors earn separate Grades that are shared amongst all your Killers and Survivors. Up to … Read more

Dead By Daylight Hidden Achievements – What Are They? How To Unlock Them?

Dead by Daylight Hidden Achievements – How to unlock all the hidden/secret achievements and trophies in DBD with tips & suggestions Full List of Hidden Achievements in DBD There are six total hidden achievements in Dead By Daylight: Continue reading to find out how to unlock each of these hidden achievements! Dead by Daylight Hidden … Read more