Morael – Queen of Stars Guide [AFK Arena]

Here is a quick overview of the new Celestial Mage hero, Morael – Queen of Stars! You can find Morael’s Bountiful trial guide here. The answer to the question about Morael the Quiz is Order (check the boldened part of the lore section). Morael – Hero Overview Faction: CelestialType: IntelligenceClass: MageRole: Continuous Damage Morael Skills … Read more

Leofric – The Malevolent Menace [AFK Arena]

Leofric is an Intelligence-based Hypogean mage hero in AFK released in patch 1.64 and his role is Debuffer. Faction: HypogeanType: IntelligenceClass: MageRole:  DebufferRarity: Ascended Leofric Skills Shadow Mastiff – Ultimate Skill Leofric summons a “Shadow Mastiff” statue in front of the enemy with the highest Attack, Rating and taunts them for 8 seconds. The “Shadow Mastiff” possesses 1150% of Leofric’s … Read more