Timber Codes – Get Free Cash and Logs [December 2021]

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In this post, you will find the complete list of all the latest Roblox Timber! Codes. Timber! is a Roblox tower defense video game developed by TBlox Studios. Timber! is a Roblox building game in which you are the owner of an island, and you can hire workers to chop trees, build new structures and expand your island while you keep exploring its new areas.

The game's developers occasionally provide promo codes to celebrate new events and updates, along with popularity milestones in the Roblox platform. Players can redeem codes for free logs and cash.

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The complete Roblox Timber codes list

Here you will find the list of both active and expired codes.

Active Timber! Codes (Working)

Below you will find all the currently active codes cash and logs:

FREERTRedeem promo code to get exclusive rewards
40MVISITSRedeem promo code to get free cash
70KLIKESRedeem promo code to get 2,500 cash
BUSYBEESRedeem promo code to get cash
T1MB3RRedeem promo code to get 5K Cash
Working Timber codes list
How to redeem Timber Promo Codes Free Logs and Cash

Expired Timber! Codes List

Below you will find all the expired codes:

Gem CodeReward
SANDYRedeem promo code to get free 3,000 cash
SUMMERFUNRedeem promo code to get free 2,000 cash
L0TS0FL0GSRedeem promo code to get free 2,000 logs
RUINSRedeem promo code to get free cash
REBIRTHTOKENSRedeem code for Free Reward
ICEMOUNTAINRedeem promo code for Free 3K Cash
1MVISITSRedeem promo code to get free 4K Cash
PIRATEISLERedeem code for free 6K Cash
VOLCANICRedeem promo code for Free 12.5K Cash
Expired Timber codes list

What are Timber! Codes?

Roblox Timber codes are codes the game's developer TBlox Studios, releases to provide players with free rewards, typically cash or logs to boost your progress in the game.

Make sure to redeem the codes fast as they expire soon!

How to Redeem Codes in Timber!

how to redeem gem codes in Timber Roblox!
Redeem codes by clicking the Twitter icon on your screen.

To redeem working Timber codes, follow these steps:

  • Start the game.
  • Press the Twitter icon at middle-bottom of your game screen.
  • Enter your Timber! redemption code in the input field.
  • Press the Redeem button.

How to find more Timber codes

To find more Timber! Codes, you can join the official Timber! Twitter account. You can also join the official Discord server for news on updates and any codes you might have missed, or bookmark this page, and don't forget to come back to check if we posted any new codes!

Game Description

Our newest update is here! You can now use "Rebirth Tokens" to purchase PERMANENT upgrades! We also added some other small changes! 

Use code "SUMMERFUN" and "REBIRTHTOKENS" for a prize!

Welcome to Timber! Chop Trees, expand your island, hire workers, and explore!

Join the group for DOUBLE AXE STRENGTH!

Art by @Astrollect & @Manvirarts

For codes and news follow us on Twitter!
Builder's Twitter: @box_blox
Scripter's Twitter: @TJimdev
Studio's Twitter: @TBloxStudios

You can download Roblox on Google Play and the App Store

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