MM2 values: Murder Mystery 2 value list

Get the latest weapon (knife or gun) values in Murder Mystery 2 with our complete and up-to-date MM2 values list for all rarities.

Murder Mystery 2 Values
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In this post, you will find all the latest up-to-date Roblox Murder Mystery 2 (MM2) values. Murder Mystery 2 is a Roblox game that is based on Among Us (with a little bit of Dead by Daylight flavor). In this Roblox game, you either have the role of an Innocent, Sheriff, or a Murderer. The innocents, in cooperation with the Sheriff, aim to take down the Murderer, whose goal is to hunt down the innocents with his knife. Our MM2 values list includes up-to-date Ancient, Godlys, Unique, Legendary, Rare weapon values.

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On January 18, 2014, the game was released by Roblox user @Nikilis, who also releases Murder Mystery 2 knife codes, so players can add a ton of knives to their arsenal and trade them with other players to use as Murderers.

The game has a ton of weapons – knives to be precise – which players can trade with one another, so there is a whole global trade economy in the game. In our guide, you will find the latest official knife MM2 values based on evaluation from MM2's top clans.

Keep in mind that weapon values constantly change based on rarity and demand. So, make sure to bookmark this page as we will keep updating it with the latest values for all MM2 weapons.

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mm2 values list all murder mystery 2 values
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MM2 Ancient Weapons Value List

Ancient knives do not even resemble knives as they take the form of scythes and axes. There will be probably even more coming in the future.

IconWeapon/KnifeValue (Ways to Obtain)
Nik's Scythe Murder Mystery 2Niks Scythe150,000 (Trade Only)
Elderwood Scythe Corrupt Knife Murder Mystery 2Elderwood Scythe165 (Trade Only)
Icebreaker Murder Mystery 2 ValuesIcebreaker160 (2020 Xmas Event)
Hallowscythe Murder Mystery 2Hallowschythe115 (Trade & Buy)
Logchopper Murder Mystery 2Log Chopper120 (Trade Only)
Batwing Murder Mystery 2Batwing65 (Trade Only)
Icewing Murder Mystery 2Icewing40 (Trade Only)
MM2 Value List – Ancient Weapons

MM2 Unique Value List

Unique Weapons are the highest tier of weapons in the game, even above Ancient Weapons. At the moment the only Unique knife you can trade is Corrupt.

Corrupt Knife Murder Mystery 2
495 (Trade Only)
MM2 Value List – Unique Weapons

MM2 Godlys Values List

Godly Weapons can be obtained from crates, crafting, game passes, events, trading, or codes from buying merch on Several Godly weapons are rarer, but in general, Godly weapons are one tier below Ancient Weapons and one tier above Legendary Weapons.


IconWeapon/KnifeValue (Way to Obtain)
Seer Murder Mystery 2 Knife ValueSeer10 x (T1) Legendary (Crafting and Trade)
MM2 Value List – Godlys: Seer

Chroma Godlys MM2 Values

Below you will find the values of the tradeable Chroma Godly knives and weapons:

MM2 Godlys Chroma Values
Weapon/KnifeValueWay to Obtain
Chroma Darkbringer155(Unbox & Trade)
Chroma Lightbringer155(Crafting)
Chroma Luger125(Unbox)
Chroma Laser120(Unbox & Trade)
Chroma Heat115(Unbox & Trade)
Chroma Gemstone100(Unbox & Trade)
Chroma Shark90(Mystery Crate)
Chroma Fang80(Unbox)
Chroma Tides75(Unbox & Trade)
Chroma Slasher70(Unbox)
Chroma DeathShard65(Unbox & Trade)
Chroma Seer55(Unbox & Trade)
Chroma Saw50(Trade Only)
Chroma Boneblade48(Trade Only)
Chroma Gingerblade45(Unbox & Trade)

Godlys MM2 Values (Tier 1-3)

Below you will find the values of Tier 1-3 Godly knives and weapons:

MM2 Godlys Values
Weapon/KnifeValueWay to Obtain
Sugar190(Trade Only)
Candy190(Trade Only)
Eternal Cane190(Trade Only)
Amerilaser160(Trade Only)
Elderwood Revolver158(Trade Only)
Old Glory155(Trade Only)
Blaster150(Trade Only)
Virtual140(Trade Only)
Iceblaster135(Unbox & Trade)
Red Luger135(Trade Only)
Luger Cane130(Trade Only)
Eternal IV128(Trade Only)
Pixel120(Trade Only)
Jinglegun120(Buy & Trade)
Ginger Luger115(Trade Only)
Clockwork110(Trade Only)
Hallows Edge100(Trade Only)
Handsaw95(Trade Only)
Eternal95(Trade Only)
Battle Axe II95(Trade Only)
Green Luger90(Trade Only)
Eternal III90(Trade Only)
Luger90(Unbox & Trade)
Boneblade90(Trade Only)
Spider85(Trade Only)
Xmas80(Trade Only)
Tides75(Trade Only)
Eternal II70(Trade Only)
Darkbringer70(Unbox & Trade)
Flames65(Trade Only)
Hallowgun65(Unbox & Trade)
Lightbringer65(Unbox & Trade)
Shark65(Unbox & Trade)
Heat60(Trade Only)
Minty60(Trade Only)
Pumpking55(Trade Only)
Chill50(Trade Only)
Laser50(Unbox & Trade)
Slasher45(Unbox & Trade)
Nebula45(Buy & Trade)
Fang43(Unbox & Trade)
BattleAxe38(Trade Only)
Death Shard35(Unbox & Trade)
Ice Dragon35(Trade Only)
Red Seer35(Crafting/Trading)
Blue Seer35(Crafting/Trade)
Purple Seer35(Crafting/Trade)
Orange Seer35(Crafting/Trade)
Yellow Seer35(Crafting/Trade)
Gingerblade30(Trade Only)
Night Blade30(Buy & Trade)
Gemstone30(Mystery Crate)
Saw25(Unbox & Trade)
Winters Edge25(Trade Only)
Hallows Blade25(Trade Only)
Frostsaber22(Trade Only)
Ghost Blade22(Trade Only)
Ice Shard22(Trade Only)
Snowflake22(Trade Only)
Frostbite20(Trade Only)
Vampires Edge20(Trade Only)
Peppermint20(Buy & Trade)
Cookieblade20(Buy & Trade)
Heartblade20(Trade Only)
Eggblade18(Buy & Trade)
Bioblade15(Trade Only)
Prismatic15(Trade Only)

MM2 Legendary Values List

Below you will find the values of Tier 1-3 Legendary knives and weapons:

MM2 Legendary Values
Weapon (Knife or Gun)ValueWay to Obtain
Elite4 x T1 Rare(Buy & Trade)
Shiny4 x T1 Rare(Unbox)
Fusion4 x T1 Rare(Unbox)
Fade4 x T1 Rare(Unbox)
Splash4 x T1 Rare(Unbox)
Universe4 x T1 Rare(Unbox)
Overseer Knife4 x T1 Rare(Unbox)
Predator Gun4 x T1 Rare(Unbox)
Plasmite4 x T1 Rare(Unbox)
Viper4 x T1 Rare(Unbox)
Predator Knife4 x T1 Legendary(Crafting & Trade)
Emerald4 x T1 Legendary(Crafting & Trade)
Sparkle4 x T1 Legendary(Crafting & Trade)
Overseer Gun4 x T1 Legendary(Crafting & Trade)
Midnight4 x T1 Legendary(Crafting & Trade)
Skulls4 x T1 Legendary(Trade Only)
Ripper Gun4 x T1 Legendary(Trade Only)
Splash Gun4 x T1 Legendary(Unbox & Trade)
Ginger Knife3 x T1 Legendary(Trade Only)
Cavern Gun3 x T1 Legendary(Trade Only)
Rune1 x T1 Legendary(Trade Only)
JD210(Trade Only)
Cotton Candy195(Trade Only)
Green Elite160(Trade Only)
Tree Gun140(Trade Only)
Tree Knife140(Trade Only)
Web130(Trade Only)
Rupture130(Trade Only)
Ghost Knife50(Trade Only)
Scratch15(Trade Only)
Ginger Gun4(Trade Only)
Santas Magic3(Trade Only)
Red Fire2(Trade Only)
Witched2(Trade Only)
Ripper Knife2(Trade Only)
Blue Scratch1(Trade Only)
Blue Elite1(Trade Only)
Green Fire1(Trade Only)
Ghost Gun1(Trade Only)
Cavern Knife1(Trade Only)

MM2 Vintage Values List

Vintage Weapons (previously known as Classic Weapons) were obtained through data of the original Murder Mystery, before Murder Mystery 2. They are only obtainable by trading.

MM2 Vintage Values
Weapon/KnifeValueWay to Obtain
America70(Trade Only)
Golden65(Trade Only)
Blood50(Trade Only)
Phaser35(Trade Only)
Prince25(Trade Only)
Shadow25(Trade Only)
Laser20(Trade Only)
Ghost15(Trade Only)
Splitter10(Trade Only)
Cowboy5(Trade Only)

MM2 Rare Values List

Below you will find the values of Tier 1-3 Rare knives and weapons:

Rare Tier 3 MM2 Values

MM2 Rare Tier 3 values
WeaponValueWay to Obtain
Cane (Knife)150Trade Only
Cane (Gun)150Trade Only
Ginger (Knife)125Trade Only
Ginger (Gun)125Trade Only
Mummy110Trade Only
Jack90Trade Only
Orange Marble15Trade Only
Bats12Trade Only
Cane Knife2Trade Only
Icicles Gun2Trade Only

Rare Tier 2 MM2 Values

WeaponValueWay to Obtain
Toxic Knife45Trade Only
Vampire Gun35Trade Only
Vampire Knife20Trade Only
Toxic Gun5Trade Only
Ghosts4 X (T1) LegendaryUnbox/Trade
Monster2 X (T1) LegendaryTrade Only
Aurora Knife2 X (T1) LegendaryTrade Only
Candy Swirl Gun2 X (T1) LegendaryTrade Only
Snakebite Knife2 X (T1) LegendaryTrade Only
Nether1 X (T1) LegendaryCrafting/Trading
Spitfire1 X (T1) LegendaryCrafting/Trading
Damp1 X (T1) LegendaryCrafting/Trading
Molten (Gun)1 X (T1) LegendaryCrafting/Trading
Molten (Knife)1 X (T1) LegendaryCrafting/Trading
Bones1 X (T1) LegendaryUnbox/Trade
Portal1 X (T1) LegendaryUnbox/Trade
Snowy4 X (T1) RareTrade Only
GingerBread4 X (T1) RareTrade Only
Magma3 X (T1) RareTrade Only
Green Marble3 X (T1) RareTrade Only
Cane Gun3 X (T1) RareTrade Only
Icicles Knife3 X (T1) RareTrade Only
Rainbow (Gun)1 X (T1) RareMystery Crate

Rare Tier 1 MM2 Values

MM2 Rare Tier 1 values
WeaponValueWay to Obtain
Aurora Gun1 X (T1) RareUnboxed
Candy Swirl Knife1 X (T1) RareUnboxed
Snakebite Gun1 X (T1) RareUnboxed
Dungeon1 X (T1) RareUnboxed
Space1 X (T1) RareUnboxed
Deep Sea1 X (T1) RareUnboxed
Nightfire1 X (T1) RareUnboxed
Galaxy4 X (T1) UncommonUnboxed
Rainbow4 X (T1) UncommonUnboxed
Imbued4 X (T1) UncommonUnboxed
Galactic4 X (T1) UncommonUnboxed
Krypto4 X (T1) UncommonUnboxed
Spectrum4 X (T1) UncommonUnboxed
iRevolver4 X (T1) UncommonUnboxed
Hacker4 X (T1) UncommonUnboxed
Nova4 X (T1) UncommonUnboxed
Vortex4 X (T1) UncommonUnboxed
Ace4 X (T1) UncommonUnboxed
Bacon4 X (T1) UncommonUnboxed
Korblox4 X (T1) UncommonUnboxed
Squire4 X (T1) UncommonUnboxed
Abstract4 X (T1) UncommonUnboxed
Musical4 X (T1) UncommonUnboxed
Black4 X (T1) UncommonUnboxed
Purple4 X (T1) UncommonUnboxed


What is the rarest weapon in MM2?

Jack and Mummy are the 2 most valuable rare weapons according to MM2's fandom.

What's the value of the Seer in MM2 in Robux?

The Seer costs 50 Robux, so it's not really a hard weapon to get. Getting it for free is a different story.

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