The Misty Valley Event Formations Guide – AFK Arena [October 2021]

Misty Valley formations guide by Cyberfunk.

The Misty Valley Guide AFK Arena
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In this Misty Valley guide, I will recommend formations that don't include Celestial, Hypogean, and Dimensional heroes unless necessary or a Silver Challenge requirement. I hope it will help you complete all 60 challenges and unlock all 60 reward chests.

If you need more formation recommendations for a particular stage, feel free to leave a comment with your available heroes and I will try to help you.

Also, check my AFK Arena hero tier list and be on standby for more AFK Arena codes.


In cases where there was a 4-faction requirement, I tried to use 5 heroes of the same faction. Just replace one with your main carry.

When the enemy formation contains Kren try to kill him fast as he hits very hard.

For stages where one hero needs to kill 3 or 4 characters, I recommend you give them the Wrizz and Soren treatment with a 1+4 setup. Let Saurus do the killing and surround him with 4 support heroes tanky enough to not go down fast and let Saurus be overwhelmed. If your Saurus is SI +30 then these two stages should be piece of cake.

Note: This is the stage 1-10 guide for September's Misty Valley event.

Silver Challenge
Recommended Formation Gold Challenge
Recommended Formation
Stage 1. 4 Lightbearers
stage 1 misty valley
Defeat at least three opponents
with the same hero.
Same as silver.
Stage 2. 4 Maulers
stage 2 misty valley silver
Don't trigger Ultimate abilities more than 4 times in battle.
Same as silver. I didn't trigger Lyca's.
Stage 3. 4 Wildersstage 3 misty valley goldWin within 20s.Same as silver, but you need a bit of luck.
Stage 4. 4 Gravebornsstage 4 misty valley silver challengeTeam contains
Antandra and Satrana.
stage 4 misty valley gold challenge
Stage 5. 4 Celestial
stage 5 misty valley silver challengeAchieve victory without any heroes dying.stage 5 misty valley gold challenge
4 LightbearersMystic vally stage 6 silver challengeTeam contains 5 different factions.Mystic valley stage 6 gold challenge
4 MaulersMystic valley stage 7 silver challengeAchieve victory without any Tank and Mage Heroes in formation.Mystic valley stage 7 gold challenge
4 WildersMystic valley stage 8 silver challengeTeam contains Morrow
and Mortas. (Just add Morrow as a 5th member).
Mystic valley stage 8 gold challenge
4 GravebornsMystic valley stage 9 silver challengeAll heroes in formation must be the same class.Mystic valley stage 9 gold challenge
4 Celestial
Mystic valley stage 10 silver gold challengeAll heroes place in the frontline must be Mage heroes.Same as silver.
4 LightbearersLuciusRowan
Ultimate 4 times or lessSame as Silver.
Ults: Lucius, Raine,
Rowan, Lucius
4 MaulersBrutusWarek
Team contains
Pippa and Nemora.
4 WildersSaurusLyca
Defeat an enemy Hero within 15s. Same as Silver.
4 GravebornsGrezhulDaimon
Defeat at least 3 enemies 
with the same hero.
Same as Silver.
(Place Daimon in
font of Baden)
4 Celestial
LucretiaEzizhtwins afk arena elijah laylah
Achieve victory within 20
(Rosaline follows Saurus
My Rosaline was gearless)
4 LightbearersLuciusRowan
Team contains
Nara and Desira.
NaraDesira The Sinister Siren AFK ArenaGwyneth
(Rosaline follows Lucius
Lvl 1 Nara & Desira)
4 MaulersBrutusSaurus
(Be careful here, you are
against Thoran Cheese)
No mages and rangers.SaurusRosaline
TasiDaimonwalker afk arena
(My use of Walker implies
it can be done with four)
4 WildersSaurusEironn
All heroes from the same class. EironnLyca
4 GravebornsGrezhulThoran
5 different faction heroes.SaurusRowan
4 Celestial
Wu KongTalene
(Wu Kong, Lucy, and Mortas
die instantly – Eironn needs
SI +30, 3/9F)
Victory without any heroes
(Rosaline follows Lucius)

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