110+ Funny Among Us Names for Your Character

In this post, you will find our list of funny Among Us names for the nametag of your Among Us character. So, are you looking for a great nickname to use as your own funny Among Us name? 

You have come to the right place! Crewmates and imposters are the stars of this brilliant game. So, you can always find usernames that associate you with one of the two teams. Remember that your team is assigned randomly, so your username will only cause havoc in the game.

This will be even better if you play Among Us with friends. Funny names can spark some exciting emergency meetings and conversations between players. Among Us is a video game better played with friends, after all.

Having cool usernames is always something most gamers want. Even more in a game like this, in which you try to outplay others.

How to pick a great and funny Among Us name

You can take advantage of your interests, personality, features, and game mechanics. Also, you can even try to pick characteristics of your friends to impersonate them and cause even more chaos. Moreover, usernames related to the game are attractive as they associate your character with one of the two randomly assigned roles.

Funny Among Us names: 110+ funny Among Us name ideas

The names below can make emergency meetings, and voting really confusing or are just extremely funny by themselves.

Here are some great funny Among Us name ideas:

  1. Where
  2. I'minnocent
  3. Harddik
  4. Yourself
  5. Notme
  6. Yesitsme
  7. Voteme
  8. Impostor
  9. Your Mom (Yo Mama) or Your Dad
  10. Not Impostor
  11. Vote Me
  12. Your Boi
  13. Wasnt Me
  14. Some Nerd
  15. Dude I was not the Impostor
  16. Told you I was not the Impostor
  17. Someone
  18. Somebody, Someone (from the popular song by Korn)
  19. Lil Sus or Pretty Sus or Kinda Sus
  20. No One or Nobody
  21.  DontKillMe
  22. Not Me
  23. Impasta
  24. Bob
  25. Crewmate
  26. Crewmite
  27. Crewmight
  28. Covid
  29. I am Vaccinated
  30. Where
  31. Who???
  32. Idk
  33. HowToVent
  34. Informer
  35. Trust Me
  36. Skip
  37. Skip Bayless 
  38. Any color that is different to your character's color
  39. Your Ex
  40. Imtheenemy
  41. Sawyouvented
  42. Me 
  43. You
  44. He
  45. Them
  46. Blank Name or Invisible NameAlien
  47. Her
  48. Him
  49. You fools I _
  50. IDoTasks
  51. Iamtheworker
  52. Killseeker
  53. Urdear
  54. Spacemaid
  55. Spacecleaner
  56. CyanSus
  57. WohnJick
  58. Babayaga
  59. SawYou
  60. Dead
  61. OkBoomer
  62. Innocent
  63. Simp
  64. Shawty
  65. PlsNo
  66. Bruh I
  67. Dot Name
  68. I Lied I
  69. RedVented
  70. YesItMe
  71. ThrowMeOut
  72. KillMe1st
  73. PlzKill
  74. NoName
  75. NoCap
  76. GoodVibes
  77. I Wish I
  78. ItsYou
  79. TheDonald
  80. AFK
  81. The Apprentice
  82. DedInElec
  83. DoingTask
  84. ImCyan
  85. John Cena
  86. YourBuddy
  87. NotCyan
  88. JoeExotic
  89. TigerKing
  90. Stonks
  91. Spoopy4U
  92. TheSheriff
  93. Vigilante
  94. FallGuys
  95. FartBomb
  96. ImBlue
  97. ImBaby
  98. Gewggle
  99. NotVillain
  100. NTGUILTY (from The Lincoln Laywer)
  101.  NiceGuy
  102. WhoDat
  103. Air
  104. JesterPhantom
  105. Ninja
  106. ImPure
  107. NotGuilty
  108. DaFelon

With these nicknames, you will surely stand out in the game, and the confusion can make for a memorable game!

Cute Among Us names

In case funny names are not enough, let's add some cuteness to the mix of potential names ideas with a few cute Among Us names:

  1. dontkillme
  2. letmebe
  3. gnomegang
  4. spacemonk
  5. knuckles
  6. undertheC
  7. gewgle
  8. cuteasduck
  9. fawty7
  10. hiding4ever
  11. fedora
  12. OP_rah
  13. JoeExotic
  14. buddhaV2
  15. finn247
  16. nametaken
  17. Anonymous
  18. President
  19. tinfoilhat
  20. oprahfury
  21. anonymouse
Among Us best funny names list
One of my favorite funny Among Us names inspired by the Lincoln Lawyer


How do I get an invisible name in Among Us?

Another funny Among Us name is the invisible name. Adding an Invisible name can play a trick on other Among Us players. You should see the reaction of the team whose names cannot be seen. Want to hide your name in Among Us?

To make your “Among Us” username “invisible,” you need to use the Unicode character Hangul Filler U+3164. This character equates to a blank space.
Here are the steps to do it:

1) You can either copy and paste the Unicode character between the double quotes “?” or get it from here.
2) Verify that it has been copied correctly.
3) Now start Among Us.
4) In the text field, enter your new name.
5) Press and hold the text field, paste the copied character, or copy and paste it on PC.

How can I change my Among Us username?

Here are the steps to change your Among Us name:

1) Open Among Us and click ‘Account' in the top left corner of the screen.
2) After that, log in if you haven't already.
3) Next, tap on the “Change Name” button.
4) Type in your desired username; you can generate one with the game's random generator.

This concludes our picks for funny Among Us names and other great name ideas. I hope you found the one you like!

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