Fruit Battlegrounds Update Log & Patch Notes – Latest Update: Paw

Everything you need to know about the latest Fruit Battlegrounds updates. Update Logs & Patch notes! New content, bug fixes, balance fixes, and improvements!

Fruit Battlegrounds Update Log & Patch Notes

Below are the latest update logs and patch notes for Roblox's Fruit Battlegrounds. Fruit Battlegrounds is an Arena PvP game in which you will be thrown into an open-world arena with other players using Devil Fruit powers from One Piece and must defeat as many as possible to increase your bounty and rise through the leaderboards.

P O P O created the game, and players can have instant access to the game's update logs on the Discord community server.

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Note that the Changelogs have direct implications for our Fruit Battlegrounds tier list.

Timeskip Rubber Update – January 17th, 2022

-- NEW TRANSFORMATION : GEAR 4 (Obtainable from Timeskip Rubber)
-- 2X LEGENDARY RATES! Lasts until the 23rd of January
-- If a player is now below 20% hp they get a red screen and their speed is reduced to prevent people from running
-- Added Server time ui at the bottom right which can help players know when bosses spawn
-- Kill Cooldown reduced to 3 minutes instead of 5
-- Bounty deduction nerfed heavily
-- Fixed some server lag issues
-- Fixed moves like magma fist and bomu staying behind sometimes
-- Fixed some minor mobile issues (The mobile dashing bug is still under investigation. If you have any good information please put it in studio-forums as it'll help us alot thanks)
-- More changes have been made that i have probably forgot to note here



-- Do not spin on 5th slot if you do not have the gamepass
itll be fixed rn
Final reboot with a new code: RAININGGEMS!

Paw Update – December 27th, 2022

-- Slightly nerfed phoenix full form overall
-- Nerfed phoenix inferno in full form
-- Made some changes to some moves guard breaks
-- Soru balanced and VFX improved
-- Fixed Soru lasting extremely long in laggy servers
-- Quake fist hitbox increased and quake slightly buffed overall
-- Fixed inconcistent aiming on some moves when servers are laggy
-- Fixed the map brightness glitching out sometimes when you use ice
-- Fixed some mobile ui bugs

3 new codes :

Phoenix Update – December 19th, 2022

-- NEW PHOENIX FRUIT! (Legendary)
-- NEW MARCO BOSS! He spawns every hour and gives a ton of exp and gems when defeated. He also has a 2% chance to drop phoenix fruit for everyone who dealt atleast 10% damage. (Phoenix can also be spinnable)
-- NEW WINTER MAP (There are secrets hidden around the map)
-- Rokushiki Soru added -- The way to obtain it is a secret. I will leave for you guys to figure it out πŸ™‚
-- Endlag increased after full m1 string to prevent inf combos against walls
-- Several exploits patched and improved detection system. If you continue to exploit past this point you will be caught and permanently banned rightfully and you will not be able to appeal.
-- Invisible barrier glitch fixed
-- Invisible player glitch fixed
-- Fixed Gravity rocks not spreading out when using avalanche/planetary devastation
-- Players are now able to be seen while in magma
-- Many other changes have been made that arent significant enough to be noted here

Magma Update – December 4th, 2022

-- +18 new titles
-- Kill Feed UI added at the bottom right
-- New Bounty Leaderboard at the colloseum entrance
-- Mobile Controls improved a bit (Will continue to improve overtime)
-- Mobile flight now works
-- There is now a bounty steal cooldown of 5 min when you try to kill someone
-- Added warning when you try to spin off a rare+ 
-- Gravity Push now guardbreaks
-- Quake Fist and Eruption now guardbreaks
-- Gravity Ult now guardbreaks
-- Invisible glitch patched
-- Dark end projectile speed buffed heavily
-- Aiming skills is much more consistent now
-- Performance slightly improved (Will continue to improve overtime)
-- Light Flight now drains stamina heavily to reduce running
-- Mirror Kick improved a bit
-- Light Jewels cooldown increased
-- Blinding combo buffed
-- Sand 3,4 skill nerfed
-- A lot of bug fixes
-- Fixed skill cache glitch

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