Fruit Battlegrounds Trello, Wiki & Discord Invite

If you are wondering whether Fruit Battlegrounds has an official Trello board, we are here to help you. Fruit Battlegrounds is a PVP-Oriented battlegrounds game inspired by the popular anime and manga One Piece.

P O P O created the game on 2/24/2022.

Discord Invite Link

You can also join the official Fruit Battlegrounds Discord Server for more information about the game.

Is there a Fruit Battlegrounds Wiki?

No, there is no Fruit Battlegrounds Wiki currently.

Fruit Battlegrounds Trello Link

Below you will find the link to the official Fruit Battlegrounds Trello:

On Fruit Battlegrounds' Trello, you will find information and guides about the game. Here is some of the information you can still find there:

  • Game Information: What is Fruit Battlegrounds, the game's codes, Tier Lists, What is Fruit Awakening and Evolution, Title Colors.
  • All the available Titles to obtain in the game.
    • Beginner
    • Courageous
    • Ace
    • Exterminator
    • Liberty
    • Untouchable
    • Flame Emperor
    • Desert King
    • Unbreakable
    • Bomb Master
    • Chop Master
    • Ghastly Spirit
    • Astral Conqueror
    • Frozen Demon
    • Shining Warrior
    • Rumbling Master
    • Rubber Man
    • Smoker Master
    • Wanted
    • Mauler
    • Collector
    • Bounty Hunter
    • Roadkill
    • Mercenary
    • Notorious
    • Captain
    • Warlord
    • Yonko
    • Bloodthirsty
    • Enemy of Nature
    • The Lucky One
    • Scavenger
    • The Ascended One
    • Cremator
    • Prosperous
    • The Scorcher
  • All Fruits in the game (Mythical, Legendary, Epic, Rare, Uncommon, and Common) a, along with skill descriptions, showcase GIFs, and evaluations:
    • Legendary
      • Gravity
      • Quake
    • Epic
      • Magma
      • Fire
      • Light
    • Rare
      • Ice
      • Dark
      • Bomb
    • Uncommon
      • Rubber
      • Smoke
    • Common
      • Barrier
      • Chop
      • Sand
  • Every confirmed future Fruit in the game:
    • Sun God
    • Dragon
    • Phoenix
  • Special Skills like Armament, Observation, and Conqueror Haki, Geppo, and Soru.
  • All weapons and equipment in the game (WIP).

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How does leveling work in Fruit Battlegrounds?

Players can level up by using skills, killing players/bosses, and completing quests. Each level gives you a set amount of additional stats and damage.
For now, the maximum level you can reach to gain stats on a Fruit is 500; after that, you will be able to level up, but your stats won’t change.

Leveling up gives you 50 Gems (this has been reduced to 20 Gems).

What is the best Fruit in Fruit Battlegrounds?

The Gravity Fruit has powerful moves, and even though it has no way of closing distance, almost every move can ragdoll the enemy while aiming them at you works well thanks to their AoE. A powerful and forgiving Fruit overall. The newly added Magma Fruit is also one of the best fruits in the game at the moment.

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