Roblox Free Robux – How to Get Free Robux in Roblox

In Roblox, free Robux is hard to come by, so it makes sense that players are always looking for ways to earn more. You will need some if you want to upgrade your avatar, buy special abilities, or take advantage of many other features. But since the Builder's Club was changed into a paid Roblox Premium subscription, getting Robux without paying is virtually impossible.

However, there are still several ways to earn them. However, there is only one way to get free Robux in 2021, as even the Roblox Affiliate/Referral program seems to have closed.

Roblox is a platform for creators to profit from their creations, earning Robux by creating games for others. You can even go as far as earning actual money from microtransactions and through profit share.

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Here are some of the best and legitimate ways to get your hands on Robux in Roblox. If you are interested in more free stuff, you can look at our Coin Master daily free spins, AFK Arena redemption codes, or Genshin Impact codes.

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How to get free Robux in Roblox

The primary to earn Robux nowadays is to create Game Passes to sell to players for free Robux. Here's how it works:

  • First, you have to create a game and get some players.
  • Then you can add a Game Pass for sale and choose a price.
  • Game Passes are essentially items that provide unique privileges in your game – for instance, access to a restricted area, an avatar item, or a permanent power-up.
  • It's important to remember that any Robux you earn from Game Passes will be cleared after three days and added to your account.

Since creating games and Game Passes is free, it is the best way to earn free Robux in Roblox. Check the Roblox site for more advice on creating Game Passes.

How to buy Robux

You can purchase Robux in-game or on the Roblox website. Here are the prices for each pack:

  • $4.99 – 400 Robux
  • $9.99 – 800 Robux
  • $19.99 – 1,700 Robux
  • $49.99 – 4,500 Robux
  • $99.99 – 10,000 Robux

And here are some purchase options just to put these amounts into perspective a little bit:

  • 100 Robux lets you create a group or a badge for your game
  • 1,000 Robux allows you to change your username
  • 50,000 is enough to buy the Violet Valkyrie, the most expensive hat in the game

How to join Roblox Premium

If you want the privileges required to unlock the best ways to earn Robux, you'll have to join Roblox Premium. Roblox Premium has three membership levels, all of which will grant you a monthly amount of Robux to spend:

  • $4.99/month – 450/month
  • $9.99/month – 1000/month
  • $19.99/month – 2200/month

Each of these levels unlocks all of the features available. The top-tier level unlocks the Developer Exchange, Bonus Accessories, and Membership Gear. 

The Developer Exchange requires you to have earned 100,000 Robux through Roblox. It then allows you to exchange them for actual cash. Getting there is a challenging process, though.

How to sell clothes on the Roblox marketplace

After you sign up for Roblox Premium, you'll be able to start earning! If you want to earn Robux, selling clothes in Roblox is one of the best ways to do it. Here are some essential things to consider before you found your fashion empire:

  • You can create unique clothing designs for shirts, pants, or t-shirts and then sell them on the marketplace.
  • When you sell them, you'll get a 70% share of what they earn in Robux. The rest, 30%, supports the Roblox in-game economy and reduces inflation.
  • Like with Game Passes, you must wait three days for any sale to be cleared.

If you want more details on designing Roblox clothing, here's a helpful Roblox wiki article with some tips.

How to sell access to Roblox games

However, if earning money by becoming a Roblox fashion designer is not your thing, you can start selling access to your Roblox games. In Roblox, Game Passes are like in-game microtransactions (in-app purchases within the app). Consequently, game access is essentially paying for the game. If you create something that people are lining up to play, it might be an excellent option to get you some Robux. Here are some things to consider:

  1. If you sell access, ensure your game works; otherwise, people might be unhappy after paying for it. If your game is buggy, it might be suspended until you fix the bugs.
  2. You can charge anywhere between 25 and 1,000 Robux for access.
  3. Once again, you must wait three days to get your Robux.

If you feel like you want to start creating and earning free Robux or even actual money in the game, you can download Roblox for free on Google Play or the App Store. Give Roblox a try, and you will experience something different from most games.

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