Fortnite Update 17.40 is Among Us – Full Patch Notes

Among Us is sort of here in Fortnite’s update 17.40!

New Fortnite Update 17.40 August 17 patch notes

Fortnite never gets boring! In yesterday's Fortnite update announcement, Epic Games revealed details about upcoming events. Epic has released a few teasers on their social media accounts about its upcoming update, which could be one of the best of the season.

New weapons like the Prop-ifier – introduced last week – keep things interesting in Fortnite Season 7. Meanwhile, Epic Games seems to make decisions that spark controversy constantly.

Fortnite players enjoyed an in-game concert by Ariana Grande as part of the Rift Tour event, continuing the trend of major crossovers. Unfortunately, we did not get the crossover we were hoping for.

While all of this is happening, Epic is still bringing new content to the game, including a new Imposter Mode in the 17.40 update.

Here are the full Fortnite August 17 update 17.40 patch notes:

Among Us (aka Impostor Mode) is here

For weeks, Epic Games has hinted at a new game mode, and it has finally arrived in the form of Impostor Mode.

Agents of the Imagined Order are tasked with protecting The Bridge by completing various missions that have been assigned to them.

The Order is under attack from within by impostors who have disguised themselves as members to take the organization down. Reminds you of something?

Epic warns us, “Trust no one,” and developers are not particularly happy among us.

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Coral Castle Abduction

According to the new map shown during FNCS, Coral Castle has been rumored for weeks as a potential abduction location, and now it appears as though it will happen shortly.

Aliens have already abducted Slurpy Swamp, so we can expect to see the castle and the smaller buildings around it disappear.

Wonder Woman DC Fortnite Skin
Image Credit: Epic Game & DC

Wonder Woman joins Fortnite

 Wonder Woman joins Superman and Batman as more and more DC superheroes are joining Fortnite.

The skin is now available at the shop.

Fortnite 17.40 bug fixes

It has been a busy few weeks for Epic as it has been hard at work squashing bugs and exploiting glitches in the game. You can check the official Trello to stay informed about the latest bug fixes.

Battle Royale Latest Fixes

  • Free Guy Quest chain cannot be completed.
  • Prop Disguise services are temporarily unavailable.
  • A player who leaves a team cannot open the Cosmic Chest.
  • Chug Cannon moved to the wrong slot in preferred item slots.

Creative Mode Latest Fixes

  • Match Making Portal Slow to Update.
  • Creative Island images may reset to the original thumbnail image.
  • Issues with Barrier Devices.
  • Latency issues on XL Islands.
  • Creative Island images may reset to the original thumbnail image.
  • Match Making Portal Slow to Update.

Save The World Latest Fixes

  • On the Beyond Stellar Horizons quest, the wrong event ticket was displayed.
  • During resupply missions, some items do not count towards the player's “Search Anything” objective.

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