How to Get Neymar Jr in Fortnite

Neymar Jr, one of the biggest icons of soccer/football has arrived at Fortnite. The Neymar Jr skin has been available since April 27th. Neymar plays for Paris-Saint Germain and the Brazil National Football team.

In the past he played for Barcelona where he formed the infamous MSN trio with Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez, forming the most formidable attacking trio in the history of football (and it's not even close). Neymar and Barcelona won the Champions League in 2015-2016 before he moved to PSG. He even scored in the 3-1 final against Juventus.

He also captained the Brazil National Team in the 2016 Olympics, where they won the gold medal. His injury in the Mundial of 2014 is just one reason behind Brazil's complete annihilation by Germany, the eventual winners, with a score of 7-1.

It makes perfect sense for a player of his caliber to be featured at Fortnite and it made perfect sense for me to want to get his skin and the rest of Neymar-themed cosmetics as soon as possible.

How to Get Neymar Jr in Fortnite

Neymar's skin is not available in the item shop yet. You will need a battle pass and you will also have to complete some challenges in the Fortnite island to get his skin and the rest of Neymar-themed cosmetics.

Below you will find the list of challenges you will have to complete to get them:

  • Talk to an island soccer player – Reward: Soccer ball emote toy and Neymar Jr banner.
  • Complete 3 quests from island soccer players – Reward: Matador loading screen.
  • Complete 5 quests from island soccer players – Reward: Neymar Jr Outfit
  • Dropkick the soccer ball toy 500 meters as Neymar Jr – Reward: Joia trophy back bling.
  • Score a goal with the soccer ball toy as Neymar Jr – Reward: Jaguar Strike pickaxe.
  • Eliminate 3 opponents as Neymar Jr – Reward: Unlocks the “Shhh” emote that awakens Neymar's “Primal” outfit.

Moreover you can unlock the yellow and blue style by completing additional quests in Fortnite Season 2 – Chapter 6.

  • I'm ready! Spray
  • Stealth Shot Emoticon
  • Hang Loose Celebration Emote
  • Aerial Acrobat Glider
  • Exhibition Style of the Neymar Jr Outfit, Jaguar Strike Pickaxe, and Aerial Acrobat Glider

Where to Find Soccer Stadiums and Soccer Players in Fortnite

The Neymar Jr quests and challenges revolve around visiting the three football fields in Fortnite, talking to soccer players and completing their quests which include:

  • Score a goal with the soccer ball toy (Press the emote button on a soccer field – “B” by default).
  • Hit the targets at the goal posts with the soccer ball toy.
  • Walk some distance on foot.

The question is where you can find those soccer players and I have the answer here for you. In Pleasant Park, Dirty Docks and Holly Hedges. I have marked the locations with a… soccer ball!

Fortnite soccer players locations chapter 2 season 6
Fortnite soccer players locations

This is pretty much all you need, find the soccer players, talk to them to start the quests and finish them according to the instruction above to acquire all Neymar's cosmetics. Be extra careful at Pleasant Park, things are so crowded there that you are going to have a hard time staying alive sometimes.

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