The Best Fortnite Creative Codes [April 2023]

Get ready for some custom-made fan in Fortnite!

Best Fortnite Creative Mode Map Codes

The Fortnite codes allow play on Creative Mode servers, where players create their own maps based on various gameplay styles and share codes with others.

“Fortnite” is synonymous with “Battle Royale”, as it is considered the king of battle royale games, but there is more to this game than its most famous feature. Fans of Fortnite should not pass up its Creative Mode.?

Check out our selection of the best Fortnite Creative codes below.

Best Fortnite Creative Map Codes

Sundek: The Bay of the Sun

  • Code: 9783-4265-0591

Sundek is a great place to relax and play minigames at the beach. The resort has quad bike races, surfing races, archery, parkour, and even an electric rollercoaster. This is a great way to get together with a group of friends and participate in minigame tournaments.


  • Code: 9757-2182-9827

An open-world map that you can explore with your friends, featuring lots of missions to complete, gear to upgrade, and endless hordes of zombies to take down.

Seashore Resort Gun Game

  • Code: 1322-5678-1260

A gorgeous island resort with private rooms and pools. The perfect killing ground combined with the danger of falling into the water.

Cyber Stadium

  • Code: 6199-8972-3700

Picture a roller derby track covered in neon lights and surrounded by giant metal dinosaurs. Team members race around in an oval to eliminate opponents.

Loki's The TVA Headquarts Hide-and-Seek

  • Code: 7578-6801-8619

Marvel's Loki is a good show because of the dimension-hopping effects and the likable characters. This hide-and-seek game recreates the Time Variance Authority's trippy headquarters. As a result of TVA's oppressive office design and nebulous bureaucracy, this is an ideal hiding place map.

Halo: Last Resort CTF

  • Code: 1002-3164-7517

Fortnite's version of an all-time Halo 3 map. Just like you remember, you must capture the enemy flag to win. In addition to the iconic wheel in the middle of the map, there is a beachside fortress and multiple flanking routes.

Call of Duty's Shoot House

  • Code: 1794-5642-2805

Shoot House is a wonderful reinterpretation of the classic COD map in Fortnite, continuing a long tradition of remakes of CoD maps in Fortnite. The lanes and covers are all as expected, and there is a whole bunch of loadout options available. Better yet, this game is a Search and Destroy variant, so you can plant bombs all you want.

Alverton Hills: Asylum

  • Code: 9200-8656-2233

The best horror-themed map in Fortnite Creative is widely considered to be Alverton Hills: Asylum. I highly recommend it to fans of story-rich indie horror; in fact, it's on par with some of the best games out today; and I encourage you to follow the talent behind it, SundayCW, who has developed pretty much their own horror franchise within Fortnite. Furthermore, this game is only for single players! Keep nightmares at bay…

Cydurrpunk 2077

  • Code: 7122-2113-9523

Cydurrpunk 2077 is a map that stands out for its sheer creative ambition. You can explore the map or play hide-and-seek with other players, but the real appeal is the faithful-yet-playful recreation of Night City from Cyberpunk 2077. This map, despite its frame rate issues, remains the most popular post on r/FortniteCreative. I'll leave it to you to decide whether it's still better than the real thing.

Fortnite creative best map codes
Image Credit: Epic Games

Fortnite Creative Codes Archive

Schnell Cove1159-3221-2660dummblondRace2-16
Uptown Road Rush9833-1277-9143yojj47PvP & PvE1-6
Pandvil Box Fights (2v2)6562-8953-6567pandvilPvP4
Edit Pump Wars1478-6145-6503regiromPvP2-16
Aqua & Alien Default Deathrun1315-3305-1013tinyDeathrun1-16
Musical Cars0436-9073-6958krispMinigame2-16
The City7554-2706-4616hauntRoleplay1-32
100 Rooms 20545-6249-9438hazza_5238Maze1
Speed Chaser: Crazy Desert Racing8794-2899-6970LowconRace2-10
First Person Racetrack1267-1552-2705SKTTLZRace2-6
Roller Disco Prop Hunt3948-7015-9316esmeesaysProp Hunt2-16
Realistic 1v1s7950-6306-4857FinestYTDeathmatch2
Pirate Jonesy's Deathrun7452-9966-3879FCHQDeathrun1
50 Player Zone Wars7683-5066-4650EnigmaZone Wars4-50
Gnome Hunt Adventure Deathrun6555-5658-0327MathxsDeathrun1-16
Explorers Extravaganza8586-4089-5975DishSoapAdventure1
The Lost Stone9454-8941-1120RyeljamesAdventure1-4
Escape Room: Coulrophobia2655-9116-5877SundayCWCo-op Adventure2
Endless Reality8203-5239-7828nineaceAdventure1
Bounce Out0356-4964-5824eatyoushayObstacle Course1-16
Mystery at Croft Manor0116-9392-3142AllianceAdventure1-16


Image Credit: Epic Games

How to use Fortnite Creative codes?

You'll need to follow these instructions below to use Fortnite Creative codes to play the map you'd like to play:

1) Launch Creative Mode after loading the game.
2) Then hit the Play! button.
3) Choose the Discover option when asked to choose a server.
4) Select Island Code from the list of options along the top of the screen and then enter the code for the map.
5) The Island Found! message appears once the code you entered is valid, and then you can launch into any server.

Where can I find more Fortnite Creative codes?

With Fortnite Creative codes popping up every single day, it's hard to keep up.

The most obvious first stop is Epic's own website, where you can submit your own creations for approval as well as browse what's already there.

There are also plenty of fan sites that list recommended Fortnite Creative maps. and are easy-to-use websites that let you browse by genre, all-time popularity, current trends, new releases, and more.

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