Fortnite Chicken – Where to Find Chicken in Fortnite Season 6

Fortnite chicken is useful in many ways, both for hunting and taming. First of all, chasing these elusive winged menaces and grabbing them allows you to jump and glide temporarily, so this can be invaluable when the storm is chasing you. Grabbing a chicken also completes any challenge that requires tame wildlife, as this is the only way you can tame chicken, contrary to Fortnite boars, wolves, and raptors.

The next thing you may want to do is hunt chicken, either for hunt wildlife challenges or for their feathers for the Fortnite Spire quest challenge or maybe to craft a Hunter's Cloak.

But they are even useful if you just want to hunt them for meat and animal bones.

So we covered pretty much all the uses for Fortnite chicken, but where do you find them? The chicken location map below will answer exactly that.

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Fortnite Chicken Location Map

As you can see on the map you will find a ton of chicken east of Pleasant Park and around Colossal Crops, but keep in mind that these areas can get very crowded and instead of getting the chicken you need you may end up biting the dust. One great place where I go for chicken quite often is the area around Cluck's farm at the hills just south of the Spire.

I you have any other chicken locations to recommend please leave a comment!

Fortnite chicken locations map
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