Fortnite Boar Taming and Hunting – Where to Find Boars in Fortnite

In Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6, multiple quests require you to tame or hunt boars. For instance, one of the weekly quests in week 9 requires you to hunt a boar. Also, the main questline in Season 6, the Spire questline, requires you to acquire a boar task at some point by killing a boar.

You will find four forms of wildlife in Fortnite: chicken, boars, wolves, and last but not least, raptors. There are multiple locations in the Fortnite map where you can find boars, but sometimes you can't find them when you actually need them. So here is a map with plenty of Fortnite boar locations:

Hunting Fortnite boars is easy as all you need to do is kill the poor animals. Taming them is slightly more challenging.

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Fortnite Boar Locations season 6
Fortnite boar locations

How to Tame Boars in Fortnite

Taming animals in Fortnite is different depending on the animal. You need to just chase and grab chicken to tame them.

Fortnite boars, wolves, and raptors are different though. First of all, if you want to avoid any danger you can use Hunter's Cloak so that the animals won't attack you as you approach and they will be in a tameable state for the entire duration of the Cloak's effect. A hunter's cloak requires four bones and one piece of meat.

Otherwise you need food to throw to the animal.

Keep in mind, though, that while Raptors and Wolves are carnivorous, so you need to throw them meat, Fortnite boars are herbivorous, so you need to throw them vegetables or fruit.

You can find cabbages at the Orchard, where you can also find plenty of apples and bananas or corn from Steel's Farm or any other farm field on the map. You can also find groceries in the grocery cartons in urban areas, and there are a ton of other locations to find foraged items in Fortnite.

Then all you need to do it throw 2-3 groceries close to a boar because they eat them very fast, then approach the boar while it still eats and press and hold the prompted button to tame it.

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