Fortnite Aim Practice Course Codes: Best Aim Training Maps in 2023

In this post, you will find the best Fortnite aim practice course codes. Fortnite is probably the game I stream most on my twitch channel as it gets viewers very excited and delivers plenty of …


In this post, you will find the best Fortnite aim practice course codes. Fortnite is probably the game I stream most on my twitch channel as it gets viewers very excited and delivers plenty of fun. There is only one problem; the fun comes from me getting butt-kicked all the time, and there are two reasons for that. I'm not a great builder, but I'm not good at aiming.

I get the occasional headshot with bows that gets everyone pumped up, but for the most part, I still suck since I've been playing for just three weeks.

Typically, going from beginner to intermediate in shooting games (FPS, Third-person Battle Royale, etc.) like Fortnite, Apex Legends, Hunt: Showdown, and many more take months.

You need to consider your ping, the weapon's recoil, and bloom and get accommodated enough that you can shoot with high accuracy while moving, jumping, or building and editing.

Thankfully, some of the best Fortnite creators, including Teadoh and Candook, used Fortnite's Creative mode to create several invaluable Aim Practice courses. These maps have various elements that cater to various aspects of the game, while some also include Aim & Edit practice, as fast editing is fundamental to finding offensive opportunities.

I also recommend checking the mouse sensitivity and keybinding settings used by pro players, as they can help you develop your own optimal settings (that's what I did).

Aim course maps are an invaluable method for training your aim. It'll save you a lot of time, too. They also get more challenging as your progress, so you will find something that improves your current aiming level.

Keep in mind that you will still need a ton of training hours as the better you become, the higher the competition you face will be. I highly recommend creating a weekly schedule that combines aim courses, building, and editing courses and staying consistent. You will see pretty good results with time.

best fortnite aim practice course codes

Best Fortnite Aim Practice Course Codes

Here are the widely considered best and most popular Fortnite aim practice course codes available currently:

Fortnite aim practice course mapAim course map code
Fiend Slayer – Primal Survival0302-3674-9098
The Bow Gun Game3411-8390-0877
Season 6 Warm-Up4827-0257-7982
Noizeeh & Martoz3939-9108-1428
Kalashnikov Edit & Aim Course Map8898-7406-1141
Bambi's Build Fights0342-3084-7949
Greek 1v1s0666-3306-1251
Flea Double8545-6356-3054
Flea Edit Practice5039-3862-1262
Selage Aim4580-2260-2868
Teadoh V33107-2892-7726
Candook V28562-8348-9428
Candook's 10 in 1 Edit Course3682-8686-2819
Raider Alphabeth1593-8407-2408
Raider Mongraal2164-0150-8130
Raider 1v17789-3785-0380
Diverse Aim Course3525-4763-4557
Selage Aim Course8679-4218-6519
Reaction Aim Trainer4309-9243-0299
Candook 70088-7954-2362
Flea Batman6033-1034-0172
Loyal Jungle0985-4399-5920
Donny Box Fights0732-3028-3276
Rodey 21910-8656-5988
Wager Zone Wars4184-7740-3381
Custom Box Fights1114-2059-2033
Crickets Warm Up5461-6784-0639
Martoz Warm Up4096-2347-0626
Flea Warm up 12951-0560-0704
Flea Floating5461-1076-8073
Flea Edit Practice5039-3862-1262
Enigma Warm Up7268-9560-1945
Crickets Warm up 24140-4029-4832
Loyal Water1852-3269-2240
Flea Mini Floating3159-3058-4339
Teadoh Koovaks8793-7452-4715
Comp Vortex9399-9862-7730
Zero Duos2323-6258-9691
Zero Duos Select3070-3625-3682
Selage Shotgun2966-6450-2523
Training Arena8677-2153-6888
Selage Aim6311-1794-9504
Beaks Aim1624-1148-8943
Selage Shotgun and Edit4591-8451-9206
Teadoh Multiple6252-8081-3953
Practice Park 20673-9479-8903
Geerzy Combat7524-6391-9285
Geerzy Combat 23443-2839-6606
Noller Warm-Up7340-8890-1856
Flea Dictionary0216-8633-3321
Teadoh 33000-5845-3746
Flea Floating 1v19355-8528-9172
Raider Impossible 29160-7217-2185
Raider Warm-up 5 Levels2559-0136-9834
Flea Neon Water 1v19078-8759-5625
Flea1v1 Arena Purple2458-7343-9041
Raider Alphabeth 22458-9160-8933
Flea Retro4599-0947-6813
Flea Underwater 1v12404-0324-2489
Cnnr 1v13516-0563-5311
Waterfall 1v16038-5611-9063
Tweaks Edit2767-8224-6826
Flea Clean Neon 1v11471-3150-4109
Crickets Imposssible2983-0441-1271
Flea Sunset Edit8156-9753-0171
Donwozi Aim Arena8022-6842-4965
Teadoh Aim Arena5198-5714-1824
Raider Impossible Edit 15650-0366-1804
Teadoh Chapter 2 Warm Up4210-6852-9625
Game Sense Map6581-4362-5821
Mzer Aim8100-6101-3202
Raider Impossible 35230-2941-0929
Zero Endgame9310-1401-9904
Enigma Endgame8574-9035-9222
Donny Diagonal3545-3512-7137
Vortex 29310-1401-9904
Colloseum 22338-6042-7283
Best Fortnite AIm practice courses

Fortnite aim practice courses and maps video guides

Below you will find some video guides to help you improve your aim in Fortnite, along with recommendations for the best Fortnite aim practice courses:

How to Use Fortnite Aim Course Codes

Epic Games keeps changing the ways to access creative maps using code, so here are the best to do it now:

Open Fortnite and head into the Fortnite Creative mode ? you can choose it from the game selection screen. 

Fortnite Choose Creative Mode
Enter Creative Mode

In the next menu, select “DISCOVER” and click “ENTER”:

Discover Maps Creative Mode
Discover Creative maps option

The “ISLAND CODE” tab in the next window will have an input field to enter a 12-digit map code:

Discover Island Codes Tab
Enter your map code in the island code field

Choose one of the above codes and enter it on the 12-digit code input field to join the map.

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