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FORCE is a ROBLOX game that is being developed by Angeroast. FORCE takes place in an alternate universe in the Star Wars universe, in which the corrupted authoritarian Empire won the war against the Resistance and completely squashed them out of existence, forcing the remainder of their members that didn't die amidst the conflict to flee to distant worlds to seek refuge and attempt to live out the rest of their lives in peace, now having no hope to defeat the Empire.

Monky Studios created the game on November 25th, 2019.


You will find the official Roblox FORCE Wiki here.

Discord Invite Link

You can also join the official FORCE Discord Server for more information about the game.

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FORCE Trello Link

Below you will find the link to the official FORCE Trello:

On FORCE's Trello, you will find information and guides about the game. Here is some of the information you can still find there:

  • Game Information: Controls, Factions, Lives & Wiping, Levels and Experience, Karma, Currency, Form Switcher, Hunger, Injuries and more.
  • Every location in FORCE
  • All classes in the game
  • A Guide to the Skill Tree: Regular Skills and Force-Sensitive Skills
  • All NPCs and Quests in FORCE
  • All Races, Weapons, Weapon Forms, Armor, Items, Accessories, Saber types, and World Events in the game.

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Beginner's Guide shared on the game's Trello

When you first join the game you will spawn in the Astral Realm. In here you can see the race of the character you are using, as well as your name, and customization options.

Your race gives minor buffs, and some give special moves, so check the race list if you want to see what your particular race does.

An important thing to know is that the game runs on a permadeath mechanic. This means that if you die 7 times, you will wipe and your character will be reset. You can regain lives by leveling up by gaining XP, or killing other people.

You will spawn in Saro's Repose, and from here you can choose a base class to pursue. There are currently 8 baseclasses, and all but Squire lead to one or two super classes, more powerful variants.

REBELS (Gunner)
– Rebel Enlist – Base [R]
BH (Gunner)
– Bounty Hunter – Base [BH]
– Gunslinger – Base [BH]
– Stormtrooper – Base [ST]
– Scout Trooper – Base [ST]
JEDI (Saber)
– Initiate – Base [JE]
SITH (Saber)
– Apprentice – Base [S]
– Squire – Base (HK)

Once you have decided what class you want to go as, click the link to see how to get them. In order to progress most classes, you need credits and karma.
Karma can be gained by killing people of different factions or doing quests, and credits can be gained by doing things such as POSTALS, COMMISSIONS, or BOUNTY HUNTING.


FORCE Controls

WASD to move.
Double Tap W to run.
Double Tap Space to double jump.
C to crouch.
G for emote wheel.
P to open the menu.
` to open inventory.
1-9 to choose from the toolbar.
Q+W/A/S/D to dash.
E to ignite weapon.
B on a downed opponent to grip/kill.
Lightsaber Combat
(LMB): Normal Attack
(RMB): Heavy Attack/Guard Break
(Hold down F): Block Incoming Attacks
(Tap F): If done correctly you will Perfect Block Incoming Attacks
(T): Parry Incoming Attacks

DPADRIGHT – Shift Lock
DPADUP – Stats
LT + X – Emotes
L3 + X – Heavy Skill (Mercy/Execute)
L3 + RT – Lightsaber throw


Using Shift Lock in this game is highly recommended, as it makes fighting much easier. Shift Lock can be toggled in the ROBLOX Settings menu.

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