Far Cry 6 soundtrack: All radio songs list

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Far Cry 6 features many new songs and even some classics you may remember. On top of that, Dani can sing along to the radio stations while driving. Those who enjoy the radio songs but aren’t familiar with their names need not worry; we will provide all the song names and artists featured in Far Cry 6. 

Let’s look at the Far Cry 6 soundtrack for a list of songs playing on the in-game radio. The list below is an updated version of Gamertweak‘s playlist as some songs were missing, and some titles and artist names were incorrect. The list features songs that have already appeared in Ubisoft’s Far Cry franchise, along with several first appearances.

You can also find the complete list of Far Cry 6’s soundtrack songs on Spotify:

Far Cry 6 soundtrack on Spotify

Far Cry 6 radio songs complete list

Below you will find all the songs in Far Cry 6’s soundtrack that you can listen to on your car radio:

Far Cry Radio Songs List

Radio SongArtist
1, 2, 3 (feat. Jason Derulo & De La Ghetto)De La Ghetto, Jason Derulo, Sofía Reyes
Abuse de PoderGabylonia
Alien loveFranktony
Antifa DanceAna Tijoux
As it should beAlexis Play
BarbarismBarbaro el Urbano Vargas
Beautiful songEl Micha, Diana Fuentes
Black tearsEl Chacal
Blame meLuis Fonsi, Demi Lovato
Callejero (Remastered)Hard Currency
CalmlyDaddy Yankee, Snow
Celia’s Hey How It Goes (Hey How It Goes)Celia Cruz
Chalice of LoveBowen and Villafuerte
Check The RhymeGilles Peterson’s Havana Cultura Band
Cocomanimbo (ft. Jesús Alejandro)Dj Ricky Campanelli, Jesus Alejandro
Conga!Miami Sound Machine
Crazy feelingHector Hernandez
Cream, CreamPirulo and the Tribe
Cuba LindaQbanoamerikano Pico, Pachi
Cuban groovePAUZA
Dancing Everything is ForgottenAymee Nuviola, Baby Rasta & Gringo
Don’t die at partyLos Nemus Del Pacifico, Alexis Murillo
Doubling the DoseTIMBALIVE, Roberton ‘van Van’
DownsizingLa Reyna And La Real
Dreams of libertyPorfi Baloa
Educate yourself nowPitbull, Jason Derulo
El PuebloAlexis Play
Fuck youBarbaro the Urban Vargas
FireStereo Bomb
For whatAna Tijoux, Pj Sin Suela
From East to WestDiana Fuentes
Full moonHard Currency
Get off the Via PericoIsmael rivera
Guajira (I Love U 2 Much)Good herb
HairNitty scott
HappyFruko Y Sus Tesos, Joselito
Havana – RemixCamila Cabello, Daddy Yankee
Heating HavanaEl Chacal
HellrideGamblers Mark
Here We KumMolotov
Hilario DuranLa Sonora Yarana
HitboyDuki, KHEA
Hoy Se BebePitbull, Farruko
HurricaneThe Pamperos
I learnedDanay Suarez
If you don’t come backZone People
InsomnioBowen y Villafuerte
Jump!Alexis Play
Kitchen roomMel V Blaze, Martell
La GozaderaGente De Zona, Marc Anthony
Legacy OpeningFormell and the Van Van
Letter to the TyrantGabylonia
Life changed meDiana Fuentes, Local People
Life La LifeGood herb
Livin ‘La Vida LocaRicky Martin
LoizaTego Calderon
Looking for youNiko G, Lenier, Jacob Forever
Love has no ageThe Nemus of the Pacific
MacarenaThose from the river
Mambo YaranoLa Sonora Yarana, Rosa Mel
March “We are Yara”Ariel contreras
March of the True YaranoAriel contreras
Me want partyIrie kingz
MercedesOkan, Telmary
MoneyTrinity cardona
My little ranchFruko Y Sus Tesos, Piper Pepper
Nothing to do with naEl Taiger, El Keru, Dj Conds
Original feelingTony Succar, Isaac Delgado, Haila
PenitentThe Pamperos
Pretty and beautifulThe Nemus of the Pacific
Pxssy Powah!Nitty scott
Que Pull Pa LanteDaddy yankee
Quiéreme (feat. Abraham Mateo & Lary Over) [Remix]Jacob Forever, Farruko, Abraham Mateo
RainbowRonny Jordan Flow, Jordizy
Revolutionary PathGabylonia
Rumba de la BuenaAymee nuviola
See-Line WomanYolanda Castillo
Talent and MoneyThe Jackal, The Micha, Jacob Forever
Tamarind pulpCelia Cruz
That Doesn’t Fail MeGhetto Kumbé
The blondeCharity daw
The fireTom Ford, Lee Richardson, James Cocozza
The keyLos Del Caney, Ever Manyoma
The PegaderaThe Taiger, Damian
The Son of the TrainFruko Y Sus Tesos
The villageAlexis Play
The ways of the lifeVincentian
The woman is to love herThe Nemus of the Pacific
They are MontunoThe godparents
This is for my peopleRilabeats
This is what it isBarbaro the Urban Vargas
Today I DrinkPitbull, Farruko
Under the Yara sunHilario Duran
Until the Malecón dries upJacob forever
Wassamatter Baby?Good herb
Welcome to MiamiTIMBALIVE
What a Bam BamAmara La Negra
What a nightLenier, El Micha, Jacob Forever
When we are awayAlexís Muríllo, Los Nemus del Pacifico
Yara For AllHilario Duran
Yarana CadenceHilario Duran
Yarano National AnthemAriel contreras
ZumbaDon Omar

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