Eternal IV – Murder Mystery 2 Knife Value & Characteristics

Eternal IV is a Godly knife in MM2 released on May 20th, 2020. It was initially available by purchasing MM2 merchandise on shopmm2, and redeeming a promo code. The merch is no longer available for purchase so Eternal IV is only available through trading.

Eternal IV Value & Characteristics

IconEternal IV
Item TypeKnife
Ways to ObtainRedeem MM2 merch promo code (Deprecated)
Value120 Seers (MM2 Values)
45 (Supreme)


Eternal IV is a purple and silver knife with a face at the bottom. It has glowing purple eyes and a white dot at its center. It has six horns and a mouth that goes into the blade, adorned with purple and white gemstones. There are many scratches and a white vein pattern running through the purple portion of the blade.

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