Escape From Tarkov Woods Map Guide 2022

In this post, you will find our Escape From Tarkov's Woods map guide. Escape From Tarkov's Woods map is medium to large with one central ... Read more

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Updated: November 29, 2022 @ 01:00

By Anastasios Antoniadis

In this post, you will find our Escape From Tarkov's Woods map guide. Escape From Tarkov's Woods map is medium to large with one central hotspot, the junkyard, in the middle of the map. Most of the action will occur in the middle of the map, surrounded by woods. However, you can find many extraction points on the outskirts.

It is an excellent opportunity to practice your sniping as a moderately sized map with both small hills and open fields (along with two bunkers, ZB-014 and ZB-016).

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Escape From Tarkov Woods Interactive Map

On this map, the sniper rock in the south is probably the most famous sniper spot, as it provides excellent visibility across much of the map.

Players can find a railroad and many rock formations on the west side of the map. A long straight path will run through the east side of the map from north to south. You should see this path if you spawn on the east side. If you spawn on the west, you may find some players around the factory and the shack. People looking for sniping positions are fighting the rocks up north on the east side.

The middle of the map is a big lumber yard with many SCAV spawns that are always crowded. Meanwhile, the rock formation next to it is almost always occupied by a sniper. Therefore, avoiding the lumber yard altogether is advisable if you are new to the game.

Map Genie provides the EFT Woods interactive map below. You will find all loot locations, including caches, ammo boxes, dead SCAVs, filing cabinets, weapon boxes, weapon modes, provisions, and more:

Escape From Tarkov Woods Extracts

All 15 Woods extraction points are located at the outskirts of the map, so they are easy to locate if you move on the perimeter of the map:

  • Bridge V-Ex
  • Dead Man's Place
  • Eastern rocks
  • Factory gate
  • Mountain Stash
  • Northern UN roadblock
  • Old Station
  • Outskirts
  • RUAF Gate
  • Scav bridge
  • Scav bunker
  • Scav House
  • The Boat
  • UN Roadblock
  • ZB-014
  • ZB-016
Extraction PointFaction Extraction Requirements 
Bridge V-ExPMC5,000 Roubles per player
4 players max
Dead Man's PlaceScav
Eastern RocksScav
Factory GateAllPlayer Scav + any PMC
Mountain StashScav
Northern UN roadblockPMC
Old StationScav
RUAF GateAllGreen flares = Open for extraction
Scav bridgeScav
Scav bunkerScav
Scav HouseScav
The BoatScav
UN RoadblockAll
ZB-014AllGreen flares = Open for extraction
ZB-016PMCGreen flares = Open for extraction
Woods Extraction Points List & Requirements

Woods Boss Locations

Boss Name Location Unique Εquipment Followers 
ShturmanSawmillShturman's stash key

Red Rebel ice pick
2 heavily armed and armored guards
Cultist PriestRitual places close to the woodcutter campCultist knife2-4 Cultist Warriors
EFT Woods Map Bosses

Woods Map – Hidden Stashes Locations

Escape From Tarkov Woods Map - Hidden Stashes locations

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